Artist Residencies

onelove in New Orleans, before and after renovation.

In November 2016, Jeff Parker and Cameron Melville, the philanthropic cousins who co-own The Vortex in Los Angeles, opened onelove in New Orleans, a community center with comfortable living quarters for visiting artists. Accommodations are provided at no charge to artist-veterans who want to experience the rich culture of New Orleans, immerse themselves in the surrounding neighborhoods, and create art or art therapy for the community. HomeFront Rising manages artist residencies for veterans at onelove, and is developing similar programs at other locations nationwide. The HomeFront Community Arts Center is expected to open in 2017. Click here to apply for an artist residency in New Orleans.

Musician-chef-caregiver Carolyne Mas runs a solar-powered ranchette at an elevation of 4365 feet in the beautiful unincorporated Arizona town of Pearce.

A 3-bedroom house stands in the center of a very private 38-acre parcel with farm fencing, a chicken coop and an irrigated garden. The property also includes a generator, well and 1000-gallon water storage tank. Carolyne is currently pursuing a degree in Integrative Health, and is overseeing our emerging veterans community. She is also recruiting other musicians who have a passion for sustainable agriculture, culinary arts and healing, to help establish similar projects nationwide.

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