Ricardo Reyes, HomeFront Rising Standout, Takes Position With CA Department of Veterans Affairs

Ricardo Reyes (l) and Jeff Norman (r) on The Norman Report podcast

Some of the best veterans’ advocates operate in the nonprofit sector to accomplish what they couldn’t possibly do if they were to work for a government agency. But we certainly need as many talented and dedicated public servants as possible to address the needs of veterans, and it’s with that thought in mind that we wish the very best to our own Ricardo “Rick” Reyes, who has just been appointed Deputy Secretary of Minority Veterans at the California Department of Veterans Affairs. Gov. Brown made the announcement on Thursday. Rick was our Director of Military Outreach in 2009 and 2010, and still serves on our Advisory Board. He’s a remarkable Marine veteran who once went undercover posing as a homeless veteran to find out how veterans are treated in shelters. He’s now going to bring his passion to Sacramento and offer his services on a statewide level. The governor couldn’t have made a better choice.

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