Veteran Fired For Disability Bounces Back

Dan Tapia, owner of Fourth and Olive, at Cielo (friendly Long Beach “competitor”) for holiday cocktail event.

After enlisting at the age of 19, Dan Tapia reluctantly left the US Navy due to severe physical injuries. Although he’s been diagnosed as a quadriplegic, Dan has worked vigorously for many years as a cicerone, barman, bar manager, busser, barback, bouncer and grunt of every kind. When a high-end Beverly Hills restaurant where he had landed a sommelier position refused to accommodate his disability, Dan decided to establish his own restaurant in Long Beach, CA. Fourth and Olive opened in November of 2016 to rave reviews, and is now set to serve as a springboard for other veteran-operated food and beverage ventures throughout the nation. Dan is extremely articulate, and his riveting human interest story about how he overcame adversity captivates all audiences, especially entrepreneurial military veterans and their partners.

Fox 11 Los Angeles visits Fourth and Olive, December 13, 2016
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