Are You Ready?

By Catherine W. Jones for homesec360

This is the story of Emma Jones Lu,

Who once was afraid of the wind when it blew, and of earthquakes, and floods, and lightning bolts too.

But she conquered her fear and it wasn’t that tough.

Just finally she said, “This fear is enough.”

“Bad weather it happens and earthquakes do too; hiding my eyes doesn’t make it not true.”

So she got up the courage to tackle her fear.

She thought long and hard and her plan became clear.

She went right to work, didn’t waste one more day.

She made up a plan to keep her family OK.

She wrote it all down, and it wasn’t that hard. She told all her family, even her brother named Bard.

She piled up canned food to eat for 14 nights,

And she got a container and packed it up tight.

Spaghetti-o-loops, batteries and flashlights, suddenly she thought, “things could work out all right.”

If they weren’t together, which happened a lot;

She picked whom to call, yes, that one special spot.

Local circuits get busy, the calls can go flat, and so everyone knows to check in with Aunt Nat; she is the one who lives in North Platte.

She learned a strong house may not be enough.

Because when the earth moves, it can make flying stuff.

So she secured all her shelves and cabinets taller than wide — and she puts out sippers each night on the floor, bedside.

If an earthquake or fire happens while she’s asleep,

She can move outside quickly with those shoes on her feet.

She knew where she lived that earthquakes occur,

But knowing when it will strike, no one is sure.

One day while in class she was taking a test,

And her desk started to quiver and so did the rest.

The rumble came next and she instantly caught on –

An earthquake is here, quick, “Drop, Cover, and Hold On!”

All of her classmates dove under their desks,

They tucked in tight and hoped for the best.

The ground rocked and rolled and things went flying

The students were stunned and some were crying.

Finally it stopped and they looked around the room,

Cleaning this up would take more than a broom.

Dazed and confused they all stood there in doubt,

Then Mrs. Rhodes shouted, “Line up! Let’s get out!”

They snapped to attention and all got out the door,

They knew what to do; they had practiced before.

Out to the lawn, a space open and wide,

They all were relieved; they all had survived.

Hours went by with the adults rushing around,

A few kids were lost, but eventually found.

Emma knew she was fine and safe at the school,

The school had supplies and knew what to do.

They used to put their plan together

They found information and tips to survive any weather.

The roads could be crowed and difficult to drive,

So she knew it might be awhile for her Dad to arrive.

But get there he did, and he hugged her so tight.

And she hugged him right back — with all of her might.

This is the story of Emma Jones Lu,

An earthquake happened to her, it can happen to you.

Emma was ready; are you?

Catherine W. Jones is the Director of Risk Management Services with the Kern County Superintendent of Schools Office.

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