Homeland Security Dance Off!

Cops, Firefighters, Soldiers, and Medics battle it out in this epic dance off. Who will win?

Once seen, it can’t be unseen! Police officers, fire fighters, members of the military, and emergency medical technicians — all grooving to the beat, some better than others! Painstakingly gathered from public events, down times at the station, and oblivious private “shows,” this Eagle Eggs collection not only gives you a whole new perspective on Those That Serve, but pits them against each other in a fast-paced battle of the beat!

Homeland Security may be about protecting the public, battling blazes, administering critical aid, and protecting the shores of America…but it’s also all about da bass. Simply put, Errbody Dances! That’s right, everybody! As said by the famous CHDS philosopher, Gaddius Americanus, “Homeland security is about people security”. At Eagle Eggs we’re not really sure what this means but we do think this supports the notion that homeland security professionals are people too, and they know how to get down. They come from all walks of life and they each play a critical role in safeguarding our freedoms. Whether it is the firefighter responding to a burning building, the medic treating an Ebola patient, the police officer stopping a suspicious person, or the soldier delivering water to hurricane victims, they’re all a part of Homeland Security, and they’re all people. So as tensions rise during difficult times, just remember that those that live to protect others are still human. Like all of us, they sometimes ignore a text for days only to later reply that they just noticed it. They use the “view as” option on facebook just to see how their profile looks to their crush. And of course, they dance as if no one is looking!