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Our Team and Our Posts

Inside Job was a time-limited collaboration of eight classmates and colleagues in public service. Posts are not official representations by, of, or for any agency. Unless otherwise noted, posts were written between July and October 2015. Our posts:

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  2. This page, “Meet the Inside Job Team
  1. A Drug Deal for You and a Contest Too (Caliva)
  2. To Grandmother’s House We Go… To Get Poisoned (Caliva)
  3. The Ambulance with the Stripper Pole (Polunsky)
  4. How to Avoid Food Poisoning (Caliva)
  5. The Climate Conspiracy Theory Coming to Your Congressman’s Twitter Feed (Plautz)
  6. A Fake Tourniquet Could Cost Your Life (Polunsky)
  7. GMOs Have Gone Too Far (Image Only) (Polunsky)
Employment / Public Service
  1. Alexander Hamilton’s Instructions to the Revenue Cutter Service (Marriner)
  2. A Fighter Pilot’s Advice (Polunsky)
  3. The One Thing I Learned Being an American Terrorist (Dabangg)
Law Enforcement
  1. Perceptions of Police are Media Hype (Mann)
  2. How to Survive a Traffic Stop (Mann)
  3. Police Pursuits: Is the Juice Worth the Squeeze? (Mann)
  4. Protecting Your Child Against Online Predators (DeBoard)
  5. Black lives matter! Or do they? (Mann)
  6. Embrace the Opportunity (DeBoard)
Homeland Security
  1. On Tomi Lahren’s Mohammad Rant (Bemis)
  2. Response to Garry (Bemis)
  3. What the Homeland Security Experts are Reading (Polunsky)
  4. The Truth about Mexico’s Southern Border (Forcement)
  5. Brace Yourself — Disaster is Coming. Top 10 Tips to Prepare (Bemis)
  6. Human Bombs and America’s Future (Forcement)
  7. E! Network — A Homeland Security Risk (Dabangg)
  8. It’s Time to Create a Federal Stormchaser Corps (Polunsky)
  9. Opening the Door to Syrian Refugees: Who Are They? (Forcement)
  1. Will Texas Trains have Japanese Cops? (Polunsky)
  2. Tracking Trump’s Plane (Polunsky)
  3. DEEZ NUTZ (Polunsky)
  4. Climate Change and Infrastructure (Polunsky)
  5. In Defense of Trainhopping (Polunsky)
  6. A Little Google Self-Driving Car Humor (Polunsky)
  7. Lanesplitting — a Homeland Security Imperative (Polunsky)
  8. A completely fictional story about autonomous vehicles and unintended consequences (Polunsky)

Our Team

Henry Bemis (not the real name or picture) is an official in the Department of Homeland Security.
T. Michele Caliva RN BS CSPI is the Administrative Director of the Upstate New York Poison Center, Upstate Triage and Transfer Center, Upstate Medical University.
Hudd Dabangg (not the real name or picture) is a senior official in the US Department of Homeland Security.
Maggie DeBoard is the Chief of Police in Herndon, Virginia
Lauren Forcement (obviously not a real name) is a homeland security official in the Northwest.
Hunk Marriner (yeah, right) is a maritime homeland security professional.
M.J. Mann (phony name) is a state law enforcement official.
Fracas the Tiger is our avatar and mascot who manages our social media and looks forward to reading your comments on our articles.
Steven Polunsky, curator of this collection, is a research scientist with the Texas A&M Transportation Institute. He previously directed legislative committees overseeing transportation, homeland security, and regulatory policy. The postings on this site do not necessarily represent the positions, strategies or opinions of The Texas A&M University System or its entities.

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