Introducing the White Hat Syndicate — Join Us!

The maze in this garden is representative of the complexity of the homeland security enterprise.

The White Hat Syndicate is an experiment in inter-disciplinary composition on homeland security issues. Members of The Syndicate hold diverse work experiences and skillsets, and represent a grouping of functions not commonly seen in this field. Yet our collective backgrounds, interests, and boundless pursuit to appreciate how this field impacts our everyday lives and the lives of all Americans forged us together.

Homeland security is not a singular specialty. Every one of us, and each of you reading this, plays a part. The field of homeland security is so broad and complex that it inherently dictates true multi-disciplinary alliances. Some are established and formal, some are ad-hoc and arise out of circumstance. Often, what we face in homeland security is overt and tactical. At the same time many issues cross disciplines and exist between the seams of national security, intelligence, law enforcement, public health, emergency management, and many more. Our experiment is grounded in the belief that we all must have the proficiency to build partnerships and genuinely collaborate to address problems facing us in homeland security.

As a group, we work in public safety law, behavioral analysis, urban firefighting, environmental health, transportation security, law enforcement, public health, and emergency management. Each of these stand independently as important and necessary functions in the operation of government. Working together elevates the capability of the enterprise to more efficiently and effectively solve problems by capitalizing on the strength of each specialty for the benefit of the whole.

We all have a story to tell. The White Hat Syndicate offers our thoughts in order to engage in discussion and deliberate debate. Each week we’ll be publishing a new story on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Occasionally we’ll have extras on Tuesday or Thursday. Each is intended to spur conversation and to cause you to consider something from a different perspective.

We suggest that we can all learn from each other in writing about homeland security. With that in mind, we encourage you to bring your unique knowledge and experience to bear, and engage with us in the conversation by leaving a comment here on Medium, or by sending us a tweet to @TheWHSyndicate. We will always respond to your comments. Agree or disagree? It doesn’t matter — we want to hear what you think.

The White Hat Syndicate is a Medium account launched on October 26 that aims to publish thought-provoking articles about cutting-edge homeland security topics. The six authors come from a diverse array of professional and personal backgrounds: legal, fire, environmental health, federal transportation security, and law enforcement.

The Syndicate invites you to engage us in conversation, either here on Medium or via Twitter. We look forward to the discussion.