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Ted Cruz Shut Down the Federal Government; Is Chuck Norris and the State of Texas Now Poised to Stop the Department of Defense?

What is in the water in Texas other than Fracking Chemicals?

The U.S. Army Special Operations Command will run Exercise Jade Helm 15 from July 15 through September 15 in seven western states. Specifically, U.S. Army Special Operations Forces will be on the ground in Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, and Utah. U.S. Army Special Operations Command received prior permission from states, local authorities, and landowners to conduct the exercise on terrain similar to what the soldiers would face in real world deployments. According to U.S. Army Special Forces Command, the maneuvers will occur in remote locations and most residents will only notice increased vehicular and air traffic and associated noise.

The simulated training map that depicts areas of the Southwest as enemy territory has rankled the likes of Senator Ted Cruz, Chuck Norris, and led Texas Governor Greg Abbott to keep watch over the active duty forces.

In a positive twist, some Texas conservatives and liberals are of a like mind in trying to help let sanity reign. While the Texas Democratic Party called for Mr. Abbott to apologize to the military, former Texas State legislator and Republican lawyer Todd A. Smith sent a letter to Governor Abbott’s office accusing him of “pandering to idiots.”

The New York Times Reports on the Impact of the Conspiracy Theorists in Texas

The New York Times Reports on the Impact of the Conspiracy Theorists in Texas The New York Times asserts that the statements from the conservative camp “traverse the outer edges of political paranoia.” The paper reports that the right wing claims President Obama is using Jade Helm 15 to take Texas by force and subjugate its residents. Republicans in office failed to denounce the paranoid rants and Governor Abbott responded by issuing orders to the Texas State National Guard to watch over the active duty military forces to protect Texas residents’ rights.

Texas Representative Louie Gohmert was especially incensed about the fictitious exercise player map that labeled areas of the Southwest as “hostile” territory. Among other claims, Representative Gohmert stated that President Obama, who has sworn to uphold and defend the Constitution, feels that others who support the constitution are a threat. Senator Ted Cruz weighed in saying that for six years, the President has been “disrespecting the liberty of its citizens.” Chuck Norris also joined the ruckus by calling on Texans to resist the exercise.

Contrary to his Republican partners, Mr. Smith has been vocal in exclaiming his disappointment at the radicalization of Republican politics and further highlighted what a waste of taxpayer dollars it is to call up the Texas National Guard to monitor the active duty forces.

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Fox News Reports on the Firestorm Jade Helm 15 is Causing in the West

Fox News states that Jade Helm has touched off a firestorm in Texas and across the West. The military does concede that the size and scope of Jade Helm 15 make it unique. Unfortunately, the Obama Administration and Department of Defense have not dampened the claims of right wing bloggers and commentators that the exercise is the beginning of martial law. Of note, Chuck Norris has pledged to keep his eye on the situation. Fox News reported that Governor Abbott felt the need to order the National Guard to monitor the exercise following concerns of residents at a packed town hall meeting.

Governor Abbott stated that he should be applauded for taking the action with the National Guard in order to gather and disseminate information. In addition, Representative Gohmert stated that his office has been “inundated” with calls regarding Jade Helm 15. Furthermore, he pronounced that he understood why people were concerned about the active duty forces enforcing martial law. Representative Gohmert stated that he was “rather appalled” that the “hostile” areas on the fictitious exercise map have a Republican majority. Senator Ted Cruz also expressed his empathy toward Texas residents’ concerns and supports Governor Abbott’s actions.

Despite White House and Pentagon assurances that there is no threat to citizens, Fox News wrote that the exercise places lawmakers between citizens and the military.

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Christian Science Monitor Explains What Jade Helm 15 is and Queries if Chuck Norris Should Be Worried

The Christian Science Monitor reports that Chuck Norris claimed Jade Helm 15 is a plan to take over Texas. As proof of the threat posed by active duty forces, he pointed to Texas Governor Abbott’s order for the Texas National Guard to monitor the exercise. For his part, Mr. Norris said he is calling into question leaders in Washington and not the soldiers themselves.

The conspiracy theorists even had Walmart issuing a statement denying that tunnels under closed Walmart outlets were for housing headquarters and supporting a network of food distribution for invading Chinese forces. U.S. Army Special Operations Command is using Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Texas and Utah because the terrain in this region of the country replicates that of overseas deployment locations.

In response to concerns of Chuck Norris and others, U.S. Army Special Operations Command reiterated that although very large, Jade Helm is in a family of routine, multi-state training exercises. The command also emphasized that the exercise map is fictitious. And of course, the military succinctly replied that Chuck Norris has nothing to worry about.

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Are Texas Conservatives Paranoid or Just Being Responsible Citizens?

The New York Times certainly places the conservatives, including the Governor in the paranoid camp. Happily, Mr. Todd Smith, a former Republican lawmaker does join the left in denouncing the extreme claims as well as the governor and exclaims that the radical right appears to be the new norm for Texas Republicans.

While the Fox News headline proclaims Jade Helm is causing a firestorm in Texas and western states, the story only supports that claim with evidence in Texas. This seems to support the concerns of those such as Mr. Smith about the radicalization of the Republican politics in Texas.

The Christian Science Monitor’s humorous approach to the story, revolving around Chuck Norris’ claims, aligns with the new York Times in highlighting that the extreme right-wing reaction is humorous, if not a bit alarming.

If this were taking place in Colorado, I might ask what the Republican lawmakers were smoking. But since it is Texas, I will just wonder what they were drinking.

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