Personality Perception: BIG IS BEAUTIFUL!

By: Abimbola Somefun-Onwuchekwa

Talking about Personality!

One way Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines Personality is:

‘The complex of characteristics that distinguishes an individual or a nation or group; especially: the totality of an individual’s behavioural and emotional characteristics’.

Emotional Characteristics! Yes, Perception!

In every society today, the idea of an ideal woman is that sexy-looking, attractive woman with the picture of a super slim, leggy, curvy and designer facial structured woman. That has got to be one of the greatest misconceptions of our time and generation.

Then the question arises… So, what happens to those who are none of the above? They are regarded as social misfits, looked down upon and the young ones get basically bullied for their weight which has led to low self esteem in majority of our plus size women.

Nowadays, every woman wants to be the epitome of beauty as portrayed by the media, they want to emulate the so called celebrities. Some even go as far as undergoing reconstructive surgeries to look exactly like their role models. Many women then go into all sorts of weight loss programmes, liposuctions, even drugs to achieve the super slim figure. Most end up being permanently deformed while the most unfortunate ones end up six feet below.

When it comes to the plus size women, as a result of stigmatization by the society, quite a number of them lack self confidence, in some cases depression sets in. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being big. From my own perspective, I see the plus size women from the four Bs (4Bs) angle: Big, Bold, Brilliant and Beautiful.

Big, Bold, Brilliant, Beautiful and…

There is absolutely no reason they should not be considered as show stoppers! Being slim and compact is not a bad thing at all but should not be the ultimate goal in life. You can be big and fit at the same time; so emphasis should be placed more on keeping fit rather than being slim.

Nevertheless, being on the big side can be very demanding; maintaining good hygiene can be a real problem. You’ve got to do so much to keep up your appearance; your hair, make-up, what clothes to wear, giving yourself good pedicures and shaving to avoid stink from sweat. Knowing how to accentuate or what areas of your body to hide is very important; the colours, cut and patterns you wear can draw people’s eyes toward or away from your figure.

Hey! Don’t ever accept that sludge that fat folks are dirty, stinky slobs. You are who you present yourself to be. If you present yourself as a big, avoirdupois and blubber being, people will refer to you as such. Be at your best and equip yourself with carriage, elegance and confidence. When you present yourself as the big, bold, brilliant and beautiful being; ever neat and healthy and have built vocal excellence and confidence level to a point where you command respect and stand out; in no time you will become the envy of many.

Do remember, a plus size is never a disadvantage; never look at yourself as a minus (-) but a plus (+). Wear appropriate dresses that flatten your body and try not to dress outrageously. Eat right, exercise your body and soul.

Most importantly, keep fit because being BIG is BEAUTIFUL!

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