Ending Homelessness Together

Announcing San Francisco’s Inaugural Homeless Town Hall

Two weeks ago I showed how we could end homelessness in San Francisco and save money by giving homes to 100% of our homeless community. The response so far has been overwhelming, and while some questioned my intentions, no one’s been able to tell me why it can’t be done.

If you recall, the city spends $61,000/yr between ER’s, jails, and other emergency services for a homeless individual living on the streets, where they are 5x more likely to die. And we can provide 100% of the homeless housing and services at a fraction of that cost.

In it’s simplest form, ending homelessness is a matter of creating enough supportive housing for 100% of those who need it.
Los Angeles study showing their monthly cost benefits of giving free housing to their homeless

My conclusion was that we should come together for a town hall event, acting as somewhat of a wakeup call and to start getting us moving on the right track. Since then, I’ve met with city officials, community leaders, and received over 500 signups for the town hall. Thus, along with a group of people who wanted to help, I’ve created the San Francisco Cares team to help make the vision of ending homelessness in San Francisco a reality.

Coming Together to #EndHomelessness in San Francisco

Of course, this is not something my team and I can do alone. That’s why I’m excited to announce we’ll be partnering with Project Homeless Connect, a lynchpin in San Francisco’s homeless community, to bring together the community, research affordable housing options, and organize the #EndHomelessness Town Hall on March 11th. Here we’ll show the city affordable homeless housing options and help our officials overcome concerns with integrating these solutions with current homeless housing policies.

San Francisco Cares and Project Homeless Connect team up for the inaugural #endHomelessness Town Hal

The #EndHomelessness Town Hall will focus on a single question “How can we best provide shelter and support services to 100% of our homeless community?”

To answer this, we’ll be hearing from local and international leaders in affordable housing solutions, who will be pitching on the main stage. After there will be a fireside chat with civic leaders moderated by Chronicle reporter Heather Knight. Throughout the event, the audience will be allowed to ask questions and at the end we’ll have a vote, which officials will review to gauge sentiment from the crowd.

If this town hall format seems new, it’s because it is. We’re challenging every part of the system that got us to this point and asking, “is the way we do things now really the best way to do it?”

Join Now

We believe deep down that we can end homelessness in San Francisco in the near future by finding creative solutions to shelter and support 100% of our homeless. If we’re successful at ending homelessness here, other municipalities will follow our model. There are 2.5 million homeless people in the US and 100 million worldwide. So remember, while we’re working towards helping the homeless here, we’re also setting an example to everyone worldwide. That’s the San Francisco Cares way.

Right now, this is the plan. I’m sure it has some holes, but figuring out a way to create an affordable housing ladder for 100% of our homeless is the only solution out there to ending homelessness (apart from Utah’s Homes for the Homeless). And just like any plan, this is just the first version. Something to be built upon.

So if you’ve ever seen the homeless and felt like this isn’t right, that there’s gotta be a better way and that it’s time for change, then get ready, because this is your chance to be part of the solution.

Sign up for the Town Hall: Be part of this historic event and show the city you care about ending homelessness in San Francisco. Tickets are free with the option to donate towards our event costs if you believe in what we’re doing.

Promote your organization: If you’re involved in a homeless advocacy group or supportive agency, we would love to find a way to integrate your organization at the event. You’re the ones who have been in the trenches fighting for homeless rights all these years and this event should be your time to shine. Please contact Project Homeless Connect, to see what we can do for you townhall@projecthomelessconnect.org

Join San Francisco Cares: We’re building a passionate team of people who are determined to solve social problems in unconventional ways. Email ggopman@gmail.com to learn more.

And Stay tuned. More announcements coming soon.

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