Marking Your Child’s Graduation from Homeschool High School

When my dubious friends found out I planned to homeschool my children, the first question they asked was, “What about socialization?” Years later, when I disclosed that my family would continue homeschooling through high school, the questions changed to “What about the prom?” and “What about a graduation ceremony?”

Homeschoolers have many options for either event. Let’s leave the prom for another time! This article will explore what others have done to commemorate their child’s graduation from homeschool.

At this age, a primary consideration should be the student’s desires. Some graduates are uncomfortable with a lot of attention, and will be perfectly satisfied to forego any festivities at all. (I was one of those.) You know your child best. Be sure he or she isn’t likely to regret this decision later. If your child has a history of avoiding the limelight, then the desire to not participate in this type of celebration is probably a part of his or her personality that should be accepted as normal.

If you know your child to be generally social, however, you might want to gently suggest several celebratory alternatives. Your student might be reluctant only because he’s picturing a full-blown, traditional graduation ceremony with himself as the sole graduate . . . an uncomfortable prospect for almost anyone! They should be aware that there are many ways to mark a high school graduation.

You can always find more ways to celebrate a homeschool graduation at our website.