Ready or not, you’ve graduated from high school and now… it’s time to adult! We know it’s scary, confusing, and quite intimidating — which is why we’ve put together a list of college alternatives that just might have you on your way to adulting in no time!

  1. Join the military — yep, fastest route to adulting!
  2. Get a job — any job will teach you valuable life lessons
  3. Volunteer — there are loads of ways you can gain life experience
  4. Apprentice — this is a “oldie but a goodie” an apprenticeship can give you the training that you need to become highly skilled
  5. Start your own business — have a crazy idea that just might make some money?
  6. Sell real estate — with just a few classes you can get into a career that will help you on your journey to adulthood!
  7. Take free online courses to acquire the knowledge needed for the job you want (coursera, MIT, etc.)
  8. Take a gap year before you decide!