Success without College??

It’s been ingrained in us. Decades of thinking that college is the only preparation for a successful vocation. Yet, with the price of college tripling in the last decade it isn’t always the “only” solution to preparing our high school graduates for a successful future. In fact, college is only one path of many for high school graduates pursuing a fulfilling career. Here are a few of Let’s Homeschool High School’s favorite alternative paths.

A great place to start exploring these alternatives is with this free ebook - It’s My Life:A Guide to Alternatives After High School.

The Edupunks Guide to a DIY Education is the brain child of Anya Kamenetz. She addresses many of the issues that we’ve mentioned and give some great ideas for exploring alternatives.

UnCollege is the perfect place to learn and explore areas of interest.

Idealist gives you lists of internships and volunteer opportunities.

Learning a trade is another avenue of finding a vocation that fits your strengths.

SkillShare is a great place to watch videos and learn basic skills.

CitizenCircles is another great place to learn and build community.

Then there are free courses that give you the knowledge without the degree or the cost.

Coursera is a great place to find a course on that subject you’re so interesting in.

Of course, Khan Academy is one of the premier free spots to learn online!

Academic Earth offers free online courses taught by leading professors across the country. It was started out of the belief that everyone deserves a quality and affordable education.