Have you thought about beginning homeschooling? It’s not for everyone, but almost everyone who tries it — loves it! Worried it’s too late in the year to start? No way… homeschooling is the most flexible way to learn and can be started at ANY time. So, jump on the band wagon… homeschooling is the fastest growing method of education in the US. It’s as simple as; 1.Check your state’s regulations about homeschooling and fulfill them. 2. Understand your kids. Find out how they learn, what makes them tick. 3. Explore your options. Find out what type of curriculum/resources align with how your children learn. 4. Determine your philosophy. What is it that you want out of homeschooling. 5. Explore the resources. There are tons of amazing tools, help, support groups, and friends waiting to help you be a homeschool success!

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