What are You Afraid of?

Almost everyone of us could say that we are afraid of the unknown. I know I am… When I wanted to start homeschooling — it was no different.

We typically think that what we’ve never done before — is so difficult. It’s like standing at the bottom of a mountain (even a small one) it looks insurmountable — like we’ll never be able to conquer it. But, I’m here to tell you, homeschooling is different.

Sure, beginning to home school can seem like that mountain — especially homeschooling high school. But, just like that mountain you don’t reach the top in two steps. It takes a series of strong solidly placed steps to make it to the summit. With homeschooling, that’s exactly how you spell success… one step at a time.

We’ve got those steps spelled out for you in an amazing article, Homeschooling — THE PROCESS! 8 steps, taken one at a time and you’ll be well on your way to conquering the fear of beginning to homeschool! Don’t worry — if I can do it, you CAN do it.