Why in the World do you Homeschool?

Sometimes there isn’t a straight answer. Sometimes the answer is way more than you really want to know, and sometimes the answer just isn’t anyone’s business.

But truthfully, there are more reasons as to why people homeschool as there are people who homeschool. And… by the way — everyone has a reason. Homeschooling takes way too much effort and commitment to do it without a reason. Here’s a few of the most common reasons, just in case you’re curious!

For some, the reasons may be simple — 1) The school system is bad in my area 2) my child is getting bullied 3) my child has a learning disability or is gifted and the school doesn’t meet their needs, and 4) I want the freedom to teach my child how and what I think is right for them.

For others, the reasons can be more complicated — 1) my child has a physical illness 2) my child has a syndrome that affects him socially 3) I live in a remote area, and a myriad of other reasons which I don’t have the time to mention.

If you are interested in homeschooling and just can’t quite wrap your mind around the “how”, visit us at Let’s Homeschool High School!