Slow Cooked with a side of Slaw: Two Forks

The fun part about each story is there is always more to it. For those of you who don’t know (and most of you don’t), I am currently on vacation. But, the moment I got to meet Mike and Dave, as well as try the dishes at Two Forks I knew I wanted to write about them. So here I am, on the front porch, cigar and coffee in hand, writing and reminiscing about some of the most amazing pulled pork in NYC.


Mike and Dave officially opened Two Fork on January 18th, 2017 but the trek began much further back — October 2014. They have been friends for a while and for years have discussed opening a place together, both enjoyed the fast casual dining scene. Dave owned Bathtub Gin and Mike was ready to get in on the action. For years they shot ideas back and forth, none of them sticking until that October when Mike called up Dave with his Eureka moment. “Dave, I got it! Let’s do a concept that focuses on slow cooked meat and pair it with slaws.” Those were the words that became the beginning of Two Forks.


Anyone that has to decide on anything knows that making decisions isn’t always the easiest. Adding in a partner tends to muddy that processes even more. Part of the two year process was purely due to this, according to Mike and Dave. “Decisions that should take a week, ended up taking months” Mike stated. They found out that while they agreed on a lot — their disagreements were plentiful too and that part of the whole process was learning to properly compromise. That alone added a challenging and exciting aspect to the venture as it already showed them they were able to build new skills.


Probably the best story they shared with me was how they ended up with their logo. For the past year and a half they had a logo with just one fork, they are preparing for their open, and spent around $5,000 on apparel with the logo. Then all of a sudden a lady told them she though it was weird, that a place called Two Forks only had one fork in the logo. Once that was brought to their attention it was an obvious must fix. Mike even said that the logo “never once dawned on them until that moment”.

So they had to scramble over a weekend to figure out to adjust it so that they can still use the premise of their old logo while still being able to update it with two forks. To add insult to injury when they spoke with the designers even they said “yea, we thought it was weird”


After a lot of fun and joking around their logo story, I really wanted to know what they felt their biggest success so far is, even though they are fairly young. Mike said he was excited to see the concept has taken off quite well. They were not expecting slaws (that is coleslaw) to do really well, but so far its been a big hit. Dave drove it home with an honest “it’s great to see repeat customers who look forward to eating the food”


To wrap up everything I asked both Mike and Dave if they could toss a little advice to others looking to do something similar — Mike hopped in quick with a “DON’T DO IT! Go back to school and give it another go around.” followed by a nice resounding laugh. Dave followed up with some of the most sage advice I have heard in a while — “Everyone will give you a million different opinions, but at some point you have to walk out. In the end, it has to be yours.”

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