The villa Homestay Ajmer

You must visit this one of the famous tourist spiritual place in India, Ajmer sharif is always been admired by everyone. It is strongly condemn that every wish we seek for is fulfilled here. The brightness of this place is unmatched with any other religious space.

It is Dedicated to the Sufi Saint Khwaja Moin-uddin-Chisti, this attractive and striking Dargah Sharif is an important and most visited pilgrim tourist destination for not only Muslims but all religious people from all over the orb. It is the burial place of the respected sufi saint that has been visited by people of all castes, creed and religion. The Dargah sharif is remarkably decorated and is skirted by a huge courtyard, small building stombs and that remind the visitors about the delicacy of the architecture of the Mughal era. According to the history, this great sufi saint has been a source of stimulus for many and has worked towards the spiritual enlightenment and ethical strength of people. Thousands of pilgrims throng here during the annual festival of Urs.

You can find your favorite traditional accessory here in the market of Ajmer. Enjoy your day shopping some ethnic jutis, beaded malas, kadas, chudi, kurtis and so on.

The villa Homestay, Ajmer

Appealing and attractive, this Villa Homestay is amazingly constructed with all first class amenities at affordable price. You will not get over the look of this spacious hut. It will match the comfort zone of yours surely. Outside hospitality, the villa homestay served authentic Rajasthani dinner with a local flavor. The staff always bends backwards to accommodate every whim and fancy. The owner is very warm and sets the tone for the visitors.

Double Bedroom With attached bathroom

Soothing wall colors always leave a calm impact on us, This commodious room comprises of king side bed, golden long length curtains for your privacy, wooden corner table to put some of your belongings on it. The floor is designed with elegant brown marble, which is covered with red colored embroidered carpet just at the front of the large size bed. Not only this, there is one beautiful attached bathroom with it that is 24/7 maintained neat and clean for you.

Flawless living space that defines perfection

This living space is as exquisite as you thought of, three different types of sofa sets makes it a well equipped area. Looks mesmerizing, courtesy the white curtains and hut shaped designed corner, which contains attractive show pieces. The laughing Buddha idol right at the corner enhances the room. There is a table placed at the center of the room on maroon colored carpet that defines the decency. Apart from your bedroom you can cheer your day in this sparkling space. They also provide you with the high resolution flat television screen to keep boredom away from you.

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