10 Things to Do While Waiting in Line at Shake Shack

This is a “short” line

Angelinos are no strangers to lines. Waiting-in-line is embedded in the culture of movie premiers, product releases, Disneyland, and now Shake Shack. Unfortunately, not everyone loves investing hours of their life standing around for burgers.

Average wait time at Shake Shack is about 1 hour during the day and over 2 hours during the evening.

So what do you do when your friends invite you to check out the hype? What if you suddenly crave newness but hate waiting-in-line? As long as you have nice friends who are willing to hold your spot in line, here are Hommily’s 10 ideas for how to pass the time and get closer to your goal of burger goodness.

1. Take an Uber to In-n-Out

The closest In-n-Out is about 2.6 miles away on the corner of Sunset and N. Orange Dr. Even on a busy night, you could feasibly drive to In-n-Out (~20 minutes depending on the traffic), order and sit down (~20–30 minutes), eat (~20 minutes) and drive back to Shake Shack (~20 minutes) with time to spare. You’d have to have two stomachs for this one.

2. Explore We-Ho

West Hollywood is one of the best walking neighborhoods in LA. It has a unique character and vibrant nightlife. We-Ho has been home to the LGBTQ and many ethnic communities, particularly Jewish and Russian. Go have a drink, check out the boutique stores, and take in the culture. It’s the best.

3. Walk down the Sunset Strip

Sunset embodies LA’s entertainment culture. The Roxy Theater, Chateau Marmont, Viper Room, Mel’s Diner, and Laugh Factory are all within close walking distance. See what events are coming up, snap some photo and do some celebrity watching. Thank your friend for holding your spot in line.

4. Read half of Murakami’s latest novel

According to Google, most people read about 250 wpm and most paperbacks have roughly 500 words a page. Taking interruptions and line movement into consideration, you could reasonably read 60–100 pages in two hours. Knock out some articles, a few short stories, or make great headway into the latest Haruki Murakami novel, Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage (which is amazing, by the way).

Your sweet, sweet reward

5. Take Time-lapse selfies and become a human sundial

Tan lines on your face won’t be your only evidence of waiting in line all afternoon. Show the internet just how grueling 2 hours waits can be.

6. Catch an indie film at Macha Theater-Films on Santa Monica or Cinefamily on Fairfax

If you have really nice friends, plan your wait around a movie showing. Pick one they don’t want to see so you feel less guilty… or buy a ticket to a bad flick to show when they ask. Macha and Cinefamily are always playing unique titles. Find a short film or a feature that runs roughly 90 minutes. No spoilers and skip the popcorn.

7. Bring your Settlers of Catan Travel Edition

Every college hipsters’ favorite board game. You should be able to complete at least one round before you get to the front of the line. Instagram your progress across Catan and in line to make your friends jealous. Hoard that wheat.

8. Visit another famous shake place down the street

No endorsements here, but Millions of Milkshakes is just a 10-minute walk down the block. They’re famous for having celebrities create some of the “millions” of milkshake combinations available on the menu. They don’t serve food but it might help satisfy your shake-craving.

9. Become a Hollywood Tourist

Hollywood and Highland, probably the most touristy block in LA, is a bit of a trek. But if you’ve never seen the Chinese Theater or Hollywood Stars, you’re already halfway there. You might see Robert Downey Jr., but you’re more likely to meet a dozen people who claim to be Tony Stark.

10. Write an article about overly hyped food trends in Los Angeles

… and how ridiculous it is to wait 2 hours in line for the latest craze.

Wait… here it is.

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