Best 2016 Graduate Photo Ops in LA

Expand your focal length beyond the Campus

Photo Credit: Benjamin Combs

S o this is it… After several years of running to class, cramming for exams and switching majors, you’re finally ready to go out into the working world. But now that classes are complete, graduation is upon you. You’ve surely captured those precious memories with photos and selfies around campus. And you’re gonna take more headshots during the ceremony.

Time for a change of scenery.

If you’re looking to take a great graduation portrait — (Hint, hint…some Hommily users are photographers for hire) — you will need a backdrop that really makes your educated persona pop-out.

Here are Hommily’s recommendations for discipline-specific photoshoot locations:

Photo Credit: Travels With Mai Taitom

Plant Biology Degree: LA Arboretum and Botanical Gardens

Tomorrow’s Botanists can enjoy the Arboretum today. It’s a beautiful background to compliment those long hours of studying greenhouses. This is literal fieldwork. Monarch butterflies are as plenty as the flowers as you trek through dirt paths. Plants ranging from African and Australian origins frame your photographic symmetry. If you’ve got a green thumb for the flora and fauna, immerse yourself in this natural canvas.

Photo Credit: Glendale And Beyond

Political Sciences Degree: Pasadena City Hall

Walking up the steps of this monumental landmark, you’ll be treading the same path of many past and present political leaders. Since it’s opening back in 1927, Pasadena’s dome has been witness to many legal trials, bill passings and even an earthquake requiring a reconstruction that rejuvenated it’s legacy after nearly a century.

Photo Credit: Marina Auto Tow

Marine Biology Degree: Marina Del Rey

Scuba divers, coast guards and fishermen don’t always “sea” eye-to-eye. Yet, a surefire way to keep the friendship afloat is to point-and-click your portrait virtually anywhere in Marina Del Rey. The sights are breathtaking enough for you to make a splash with a smile brighter than an electric eel’s.

Photo Credit: Architectural Digest

Music Degree: Walt Disney Concert Hall

Musicians of the singing, instrumental and audio-engineering sort will all tune in to this Frank Gehry-designed concert hall. Built in 2003, the Walt Disney Concert Hall has hosted many modern greats like Youssou N’Dour, Gustavo Dudamel and the LA Philharmonic Orchestra. You too can move a mountain (name of musician reference) with this minimalist architectural marvel as a background.

Photo Credit: Natalie Krol

Film Production Degree: Film Strip U. S. A.

Known as “The Heart of Screenland,” this metallic sculpture was designed by artist Natalie Krol in 1981. Culver City is home to Sony Entertainment Studios and not far from Fox Television. If your concentration is Hollywood’s booming motion-picture business, then this art piece is a classic icon for your red carpet strut.

Photo Credit: Photocine News

Architecture Degree: Bradbury Building

Aspiring architects should visit the oldest commercial building in Downtown LA, where Victorian Court inspires with unparalleled aesthetics. Walk past the restaurants and shops to find where the sunlight hits in the right angle of your central peace. [what should the subject do when they are here, what’s the take away]

Photo Credit: Latino Murals

Humanities Degree: Great Wall of Los Angeles

A mural chronicling LA’s history adorns the world’s longest mural in Venice. The Social and Public Art Resource Center (SPARC) started this as a project to illustrate the flood control panel in an effort to beautify the area. The result? An ongoing project recalling major turning points in LA’s history. In this extensive urban illustration, successes and failures tango in the balance, as LA’s eclectic denizens thrive through the decades. Nowadays, this wall is just waiting for future humanitarians, eco-vangelists and good-willed advocates to join it’s future ranks in leading the world.

Photo Credit: Big Cities, Bright Lights

Business Degree: Google’s Binocular Building

Silicon Beach is home to many promising tech companies. From ambitious startups to mega-conglomerates, the neighborhood is the motherboard of SoCal ingenuity. But one building that will always stand out from the rest, much like the business that runs it, is the Google building on Venice. The gigantic binocular might inspire you with a call-to-action to continue searching for your calling, captured within a single frame.


Purple: Great Wall of Los Angeles

Red: Pasadena’s City Hall

Orange: LA Arboretum

Blue: Bradbury Building

Green: Walt Disney Concert Hall

Yellow: Film Strip U. S. A., Heart of Screenland

Black: Google - Binocular Building

Olive: Marina Del Rey, California

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