Don’t Stop (Make) Believing: Six LA Activities That Will Take You Back To Childhood

Acting like a kid may be the best thing to do as an adult.

Matthew Farrell
Jul 7, 2016 · 5 min read

Los Angeles is often referred to as the land of make believe. Hollywood is where the magic happens. Actors, models, and dancers are as frequent as palm trees, sunny skies, and vegan soy lattes. So there’s no better place than LA to indulge in being an adult-child. And since being a kid again is something we here at Hommily strongly support, we thought we would clue you in to some of the best activities in LA that will allow you to revisit the greatest days of your youth- from a spin on the basic game of tag to extreme paintball to living like some of your favorite childhood heroes.

Graduate, get a job, get married, have kids- this is the traditional life trajectory society pushes on us from every which way. We live on an imaginary timeline where our accomplishments are measured and our life achievements are compared to those of our peers.

Throwback Thursday and Flashback Friday exist because of our desire to live in the past. We remember the good, forget the bad, and often long to go back. As we grow up, the innocence and imagination get lost, bills get in the way, and before we know it, games are a thing of the past. But what better way to relieve the stresses of ‘adulting’ than behaving as if you aren’t one and embracing some of the positive memories you have about being a child?

Laser Tag

Tag is the most traditional childhood game which almost everyone has participated in at one point in their lives. Learned at the youngest, most innocent age, it’s a game that more than anything else can give you that nostalgic feel. Freeze tag and duck, duck, goose are the more familiar iterations of the game, yet laser tag takes all the basics and adds, well, lasers. Flashy vests (literally) and fog-filled passageways take this game to a whole new level, but the core elements and excitement still exist. Dodge lasers, strategize with team members, compete for high scores, and most of all, forget about those student loan payments. Visit Ultra Zone at 14622 Ventura Blvd.

Extreme Paintballing

As a kid, you have carte blanche to get as messy as necessary, without judgement from anyone, save maybe your mom or dad. A day outside in the summer results in grass stains, muddy knees, and, if lucky, a stream of melted creamsicle down your arm. With Extreme Paintball, you’re welcome to get as disshevelled as you want. Of course, the objective is to remain clean in this dodge-ball inspired sporting activity. Whether you want to play a capture the flag style game or just simply eliminate the other team, the rule is simple: get “marked” by a paintball, and you’re out. However, rest assured, this mess won’t result in being grounded for the weekend. Hollywood Sports Paintball is located at 9030 Somerset Blvd in Bellflower.

Bubble Ball

We all remember bubbles from when we were little. That blue bottle of soap, the plastic wand, trying to blow the biggest bubble imaginable. What we would have given to live inside that bubble, if only for a little while. Well, that opportunity has arrived with Bubble Balls, which mixes soccer, sumo wrestling, and childhood fantasies into one ridiculously entertaining bubble-enclosed activity. It’s a sport all its own, and even has a league of it’s own. Learn more about Bubble Ball at Bumper Balls LA.

Arrow Strike

Like the saying goes, “Nothing is more bad-ass than a bow and arrow.” Or something like that. How many childhood movies involved cool bow-and-arrow yielding heroes- or even villains? Whether it’s Robin Hood or Katniss Everdeen, Arrow Strike allows you to live that childhood fantasy by blending paintball with dodgeball and adding bows and arrows. This new sport offers a unique way to build relationships among team members and can be enjoyed by all ages. So whether you were picked last in gym class or sat the bench during the basketball season is irrelevant- with a bow and arrow in hand, those memories will quickly be forgotten. If you’re game, come join us in Hommily’s own Arrow Strike Tournament!

Beach Kickball

Kickball has always been a fun game that all can partake in. From street games to rainy days in the gymnasium for phys ed classes, kickball was there throughout our early years. Now, it’s time for a next-level version of the cherished game: on the sand. Reliving fond memories won’t be the only thing you experience- sore legs, shortness of breath, and flat out exhaustion will accompany this activity, as the sand only intensifies the challenge. Consider it physical fitness with a childhood spin. But hey, it beats the CrossFit class you tried that one time. If you’re interested in signing up for the Santa Monica summer league, check out WAKA Kickball.


It’s been a while since you’ve taken a lap around the roller rink, and some things may have changed: you’re less awkward on dates, your braces may be off, and that crush of yours is probably married with kids by now. But everything that made the roller rink magical for your childhood still exists today. So it’s time to lace up your wheels and refresh your favorite Back To The Future Quotes: Hommily is throwing an 80’s themed skate night! Break out the neon leg warmers and wayfarers and we’ll see you in the rink!

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Matthew Farrell

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Hommily Blog

Hommily is LA’s fastest growing social activity network for the sharing economy. The Hommily event discovery platform lets users find and create unique activities. Learn more at

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