When Cheese Met Beer: A Love Story

This unlikely duo will revolutionize how you eat. Or you’ll just really really like it.

Photo Credit: Huffington Post

Los Angeles is known for many things- but grilled cheese is probably not one of them. Hollywood and grilled cheese go together like Taylor Swift and steady boyfriends. But if we’ve learned anything from cheesy (get it?) romantic comedies, it’s that unlikely pairings sometimes make for the best bedfellows. We here at Hommily pride ourselves on finding the more unique food offerings in Los Angeles, and a grilled cheese and beer combination may be our favorite yet.

Work and play. Politics and religion. Alcohol and text messaging. Just a few examples of things that may not go well together. Grilled cheese and beer? One may produce the warm childhood memory of eating mom’s homemade grilled cheese sandwich, while the other might bring back that regrettable moment of poor judgement from that college beer pong match.

Photo Credit: Artisan Cheese Gallery

Beer and cheese are not a food combination you frequently hear about. Bread and pasta, cookies and milk, coffee and donuts. These are the regulars. Even ‘wine and cheese’ easily rolls off the tongue. But cheese and beer is something you need to try.

Now, we’re not talking about chasing your Kraft singles with a cold PBR (though that doesn’t sound like the worst idea ever.) We’re talking about artisan cheeses paired with premium craft beers.

Being that beer and cheese have a similar origin, grass, they compliment each other by sharing similar characteristics such as aroma and flavor, and the carbonation of the beer aids in bringing out some of the flavors of the cheese. Using these artisan cheeses to create grilled cheese sandwiches brings a comfort food element into the fold, another characteristic that can be used to describe beer as well.

Photo Credit: Artisan Cheese Gallery

A light, spicy wheat beer would pair wonderfully with the tangy goat cheese. Prefer a more malty ale with hints of toffee? Try it along side a salty aged sheep cheese. Have no idea where to go next? Cheese guru Bradley Frank can help guide you during the upcoming Grilled Cheese and Beer Pairing event at Artisan Cheese Gallery. Not only will this allow you to experience the pairing of grilled cheese and beer, the two hour event is also a class in which you will learn more about cheese and how to pair it with other foods.

You’ll hopefully come away with not only a fresh perspective on both cheese and beer, but a full stomach as well. And not a regret to be found.

If you’re anxious to experience this delectable pairing, check out Grilled Cheese and Beer night, and for more food-related events, check out Hommily.com

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