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[Changelog] Honā Updates 02.08.21

A plethora of updates to share since May 2021, including a completely refactored platform (now capable of both normal and blockchain-based micro-actions), Profile pages, Group features, and more.

Welcome to our new Changelog! We’ll be using Medium to report change updates about the Honā platform from here on. Please see below for our latest changes:

Major Features


Due to popular demand, you can now view, follow, and edit personal profiles. Share it with friends, family or colleagues to share your commitment towards goals. Over time, we aim to make this profile page a way to share your unique trophies every time you successfully complete a commitment (HINT: NFTs 👀).


Next up, we have the new “Drops” page, which is intended to be a place for tasks or little tidbits that you want to get out of your head for the day. You can put in tasks or even a focus for 25-minute Pomodoro sprints (e.g. “NEXT: Record videos for the week”). Based on our observations, this page type is helpful for members who experience productivity gains by simply being “witnessed”, hence the no comments rule and emoji reactions only. This ensures less judgement, more motivation. In the future, we aim to give users the option to connect tasks shared here with your commitments for even more connectivity of micro-actions.


The new Groups feature is based on feedback from some of our members who are coaches and managers. These groups will allow you to take part in challenges or commitments as a Group, versus just as individuals or buddies. You’ll be able to have more focused conversations, create multiple Group-only commitments, and track your progress as a collective. Over time, we aim to have this be a place where even someone like Tony Robbins could host a challenge or specific group here for keeping members accountable to his own course content.

For those interested in blockchain-based micro-payments, we are also testing out an entirely new option for Groups whereby you can enable all interactions to be blockchain-based. This is linked with our vision of having a platform whereby users can own more of their data, and even migrate it to other platforms by very easily reading on-chain transactions.

Minor Features

⭐️ Browser notifications. Now you will be able to enable notifications on your browser on your commitments activity.

⭐️ Drag-and-drop files when publishing an update. You can just drop in images, videos, gif right from your laptop when publishing an update.

⭐️ Sponsor other’s commitments. Support other commitments by sponsoring them to a pool that they can avail themselves of once they have accomplished the commitment. ( To see this option, you need to link your profile with a HandCash wallet)

⭐️ Share your commitment to the world. Now, you can share a commitment which you are working on to the entire world and show your activity in achieving the same.

Fixes & Improvements

  • Check notification status reminder when doing an update a buddy needs to approve
  • When viewing a video/image thumbnail, should be able to click out easily
  • Action on buddy Update in Commitment view
  • Able to follow commitments of others
  • Follow other member’s commitments and/or cheer their progress. You can also Tip users, which will be added to their earnings if they successfully complete their commitment.
  • An activity stream to view and be inspired by public activity from other members across the Honā network.
  • Everyone will have the ability to create/update their individual commitments, make it public/private, and/or see all activity associated with the commitment (e.g. likes, updates, comments, etc.).
  • Ability to find replies to commitment updates.
  • Create Stripe payment option for commitments
  • Changed menu title “Stream” to “Activity” to make it clearer for users
  • User wanting to get notified in real-time or via email when tagged

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