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The Next Great Disruptor: Accountability + Web 3.0

Why the next generation will turn companies into communities, and transparency into accountability.

The next great disruptor is…. accountability (3.0) 🧐

If you’ve been following my work, you’ll know that I’m currently working with my team on Honā, a social accountability tool for Web 3.0.

Over the years, I’ve seen increased interest in building online “communities” as organizations and workers go remote, while individuals seek more belonging across their digital lives.

The last three decades has been about getting the world connected. But the next three are going to be about making those connections more meaningful. As such, while transparency was the name of the game in Web 2.0, accountability will be the name of the game in Web 3.0.

But why is that?

Ownership & Verifiability As The New “Social Flex”

If you’ve been paying attention to the whole NFT craze, why are people getting so excited about JPEGs? It’s the promise of ownership and verifiability on a blockchain that’s the appeal. It’s the new “social flex.”

Yeah, sure you can right-click and save. But can you prove your actual ownership of the original?

Noting how social human beings are, being able to show one’s status has always been present. It’s just the form in which status has been displayed that’s changed with the times. For the emerging Metaverse, being able to honestly prove your ownership will become the way individuals demonstrate their social standing.

Building Accountable Communities

And when it comes to the Future of Work, I strongly believe that accountable cultures will start to define organizations (and their associated communities). Blockchain technology will help increase one’s ability to prove things. It may not be the whole truth, but it will provide improved evidence trails, down to the minute detail.

It is because of the above that I agree with Ian Schafer’s article below — accountability will certainly be a disruptor in this next virtual chapter of humanity.



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