3 Ways True Love Really Is Like Magic!

I bet you have heard before that true love is like magic. And it is true but probably not in the way you thought. Last night I contemplated about it and tried to figure out what connects them. What makes people relate them to one another? Here is what I found out:

3) Both True Love and Magic can make the world a better place. But they don’t.

True Love is believed to be extremely powerful. It can overcome every challenge, it can walk over every obstacle, it can erase all evil. It has the potential to make the world a far better place. Yet, the world still sucks, as we all know. And it seems it is going to remain that way.

2) Both True Love and Magic are useless in your everyday life.

When you think about Magic it sounds so cool and awesome. Yet, the moment you take on your daily tasks you simply can’t rely on Magic. Well, you can, but that would result in 0 tasks accomplished for the day. It is quite the same with True Love. It is great, but only as long it stays out of your real life.

1) Both exist only in our imagination.

I think that’s the main similarity, which is the source of the previous ones. True Love and Magic can’t exist on their own. They need us to imagine them. Outside of our imagination, there is no magic. And no true love.

So next time someone tells you true love is like magic, go ahead and agree. They do have at least 3 things in common.

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In my fight against loneliness, sadness and depression, writing is my only salvation. I need to let go of the emotions I hold within. I need to speak out the thoughts, keeping me awake at night. I need to know there are others like me. Please.

Originally published at thoughtsonlife.info on August 14, 2015.