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12 Rules For Meaningful Work

Dear creative,

When people say that creative work is easy, don’t trust them. They lie. Creative work is hard. Sometimes, excruciating.

It’s the doubts, the anxieties, the lack of money, the need for approval, the longing for attention. Everyone experiences these things.

The goods news is — you’re not alone. There are about 7,600 in my network right now. And counting.

The best thing we can do for ourselves on this journey is to arm ourselves with the right tools, community, and content, that would help us and inspire us.

That’s one of the reasons I launched my personal content newsletter — The Chief Content Officer. To talk more about the Passion Economy. To bring awareness to what’s happening to the creators' economy. And to get really practical and personal by providing the tools, and emotional support that you need.

Don’t forget to subscribe and share with a creator that needs it.

I’ll leave you this weekend with a quick read with “rules” for meaningful work. These are the things I tell myself every day when I sit down to write. They help me fight doubts. They help me cut through the anxieties. And I hope they will help you produce meaningful, great work.

12 Essential Rules For Doing Meaningful Work


If you do something for a long time but it comes out great, people will forget (and forgive) how long it took.

Happy creating!



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