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Everyone Is Creative.

That’s right.

As Rowena Roberts said, “We are creative when we have a motivation to be when we have something that we want to put out in the world, that’s important to us.”

Who the heck is Rowena Roberts?

I am glad you asked.

Rowena Roberts spent 18 years using her words to give others a voice as an advertising copywriter. Now she helps people to discover and play with their own unique voice as a creative writing coach at Words Inspire.

She is also a guest on my recent podcast episode.

Give it a try, if you want to learn about:

To me, the quality of an interview (or any conversation) is based on the number of moments I say, “Oh, wow. I never thought of it that way.”

With Rowena, it was roughly every 10 minutes.


But that’s not all.

There are also two important pieces I wrote which I wanted to let you know about.

They are both about writing. One is about what’s happening to Medium (spoiler: it’s important! — which is why it’s published under Better Marketing).

The other one is about how to make money on Medium (yes, I finally figured it out). It’s published under our brand.

The latter is so important, I almost can’t contain my excitement. If only I knew what I talk about in that piece — I would have saved myself months figuring this out.

Without further ado:

How Medium’s Upcoming Changes Will Affect How Writers Act

In short, Medium is introducing a brand-new version of their mobile app that will allow readers to focus more on the writers they already follow instead of promoting headlines and algorithms in content curation…


All You Need Is To Write Your $1,000 Article

It doesn’t matter how you work. Do whatever you want. But to make money on Medium, you have to write viral pieces.


Oh, and we also have a ton of great content from our contributing writers.

Two of my favorite ones are:

9 Sources of Writing Inspiration Today To Write Your Medium Article Tomorrow by Vishnu*s Virtues

This is the secret to coming up with fresh ideas for writing on Medium: you don’t come up with fresh ideas when sitting down to write. Your ideas come from every other aspect of your life before you ever sit down to type a word.


How to Write For Love (Not Money) by Itxy Lopez

I’ve decided that I’m done giving a shit about the results.


I agree with this one on so many levels.

And if for any reason you’re stuck, remember: just write and see what happens.

Yours truly,

Sergey Faldin



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