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Featured Articles (May 29–June 5)

Medium has recently introduced a new feature for publications — newsletters.

I understand that this might be a little bit confusing, so let me clarify this quickly.

Honest Creative is a Medium publication — a collection of stories from creators, like yourself. Besides the publication, there is my personal newsletter, where I give away tips, links, and advice. It’s also called Honest Creative and it’s more like a personal blog.

This newsletter — the Weekly Creative Digest — is a collection of featured stories in our publication.

I hope this explains everything and there’s no more confusion. / You can always email me (faldin.sergey@gmail.com) and ask anything you want directly.

Without further ado, this week’s featured stories from creatives.

I Am Totally Overthinking Medium

Last week I published a long essay on Medium.

I see new writers who have only been a month on this platform post articles about how you should write. Well, after eight months of daily writing, I am still trying to figure out the best way to create content on this platform…


The One Reason Joe Rogan Just Made $100 Million From a Single Podcast Deal With Spotify

This article isn’t about business acumen or balance sheets. It’s not about IPOs, stock options, or profit. It isn’t even about the art of the deal. It’s just about art.

More specifically, it is about authenticity in art…


Hit “Publish” Before Perfection

I’m not one of them, but I’ve met plenty of people who are keen to withhold their creations from the world until they deem them “perfect.’’

I take two issues with this.

One, perfection is subjective.

Two, if your goal is to grow as a creator, you’re procrastinating potential success…


4 Priceless Writing Lessons I Learned On a $2000 Writing Retreat

Last year, I attended a writing retreat in Bali. It was everything an aspiring writer like me could dream of.

The retreat was held in the spiritual heart of Bali, Ubud. I spent a week living in an eco-compound, getting to know two dozen fellow writers. Getting to know the craft…


Is Writing a Competitive Sport?

Growing up competitive sports felt silly to me. The dog-eat-dog atmosphere, the pressure to win. I’m so much better at putting a ball in a net than you mentality. Who cares?

Then I naively entered the writing world, where I have days where I am spending more time promoting my writing than writing. I’ve become a dog facing a twitter feed that is filled with aggressive self-promotions and downright pleas for people to read their content…


In case you haven’t, make sure to subscribe to my personal weekly newsletter, where I teach people who to turn content creation into a career. Here’s a sneak peek at what I published last week.

I am looking forward to more of your writing.

I think that having a safe place like this — where creators can be their most authentic selves, sharing what they’ve learned with other creators — is invaluable. Especially in the noisy world of marketing, business, and “click-through-rates”.

As one of our writers, Jamie Jackson said, “This is not about business acumen or balance sheets. It’s not about IPOs, stock options, or profit. It isn’t even about the art of the deal. It’s just about art…”

It gives me a sense of purpose to read your stories, to collect them, edit, and publish.

And I hope these stories do something similar to you.

Keep creating. Keep doing. Never give up. And remember, the slowest wins the race.

Go make something meaningful.

Sergey Faldin, editor of Honest Creative




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