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Here’s To Honest Creatives


The first week of our brand new publication has just ended. Thank you so much for your support, stories, and passion for content creation.

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Below you’ll find the first batch of amazing stories from our new contributors. Please make sure to clap the ones you like. As a writer myself, I know how important those claps are :)

“Why I Publish My Writing, Even If It Makes Me Insecure As Hell “ from Kara S.

Growing up, I actually never enjoyed writing.

Probably not the most popular opinion here on Medium, but it was the truth.


“5 Fascinating Things I’ve Learned From My First Two Weeks On Medium” from Lucy Milanova

I started my Medium journey by showing up, maybe a bit too much. And if you were wondering where I’ve disappeared then, I haven’t. I just changed the strategy.


Note from the editor: I agree with many things Lucy said in this story. Showing up daily might get you initial exposure, but ultimately it’s the quality of your writing that matters. Quality has legs. At the end of the day, when the dust settles and the noise fades, it’s the quality writing that will be left standing.

“Should You Keep Your Personal and Professional Personas Separate?” from Joy Stevens

To what degree can you mix your personal and professional personas?

Do you really need to keep them separate or can they be one?


Note from the editor: The best strategy I found is to simply focus on doing something great. Too many people overthink branding — whereas only a tiny percentage of them will get to the point where branding means something. It doesn’t matter what you call your project or blog. Call it whatever you like and forget about it. Focus on the work. You can always go back and change later.

“What I’ve Learned Journaling Consistently For a Month from” Fatima Sultan

I have had countless journals and diaries over the last decade of my life — my first one was written when I was 10 years old. I wanted to be like the fictional characters of the endless books that my nose was constantly buried in and keep a diary. However, before long, I gave up. In fact, I don’t remember finishing a notebook from cover to cover: instead, they end up being filled with miscellaneous to-do lists after the fifth entry.

Last month, I made the executive decision to incorporate journaling into my morning routine. Here are all the things I learned from journaling.


“To Become Successful — Be Boring” from Sergey Faldin

Success is fun. The road to success is usually dull. Most people can’t stand boredom, so they end up having a “fun road,” but “boring success.”


Note from the editor: My girlfriend called me boring today. And this is one of my old posts about one aspect of content creation that most of us overlook: just how boring it might be. There’s nothing exciting about showing up each day and doing the same thing over again. A book might take 3 years of daily writing and research. But in the end, that’s what we need to do to succeed. Embrace boring and you’ll achieve all of your creative goals. I say: be boring and be proud of it.

Here’s to content creatin’, word writin’, posts publishin’, books readin’, often borin’, and uniquely fascinatin’ Honest Creatives.

Have a great weekend!

Sergey Faldin



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