Marketing is not advertising

Amina Zilic
Honest Marketing
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2 min readSep 14, 2020


Photo by Simon Launay on Unsplash

Marketing is not advertising. Full stop.

Thinking that these two phenomena are same is the problem.

Marketing is about creating a brand’s personality. Advertising is about promotion this brand’s personality. If you don’t have the first one what can you promote? Only dust, air and empty messages.

This is why people don’t trust in “marketing” anymore.

Marketing is focused on building brand’s identity. Just like your personal identity makes you uniquely you, marketer is in charge to do the same thing for the brand. If you don’t have built in values and concepts what else is left to promote?!

Ads are treated with negative connotation exactly because of this. Advertisers put all their creativity to create a catchy ad headline to attract users but behind those beautiful words there is nothing left to see.

There is where marketing goes. It builds a world behind those beautiful words that matches every word in the ad and even beyond. No emptiness, no zero value but the real thing.

Ads attract costumers. Marketing gives customers value.

Marketing is incorporated in all pores of a brand. Why, what and how brands do something is in the postulate of marketing. It takes care that a brand is focused on the customer and that it brings value.

When you don’t have this postulate set up correctly advertising doesn't make sense but more than often we see this happen in the outer World.

Marketing is not advertising.

Marketing is about building brand’s identity on the right postulates and enriching costumers life. Advertising is there to show all of this to the right audience in the right way. They are mutually benefiting each other. One cannot function without the other (in full light) but they are not the same thing.

Having only one is not enough. Having both created on the right (honest) postulates is your combo to go.