Movie Review: Wonder Woman (2017)

I really don’t understand all the hype that surrounds this particular movie. I had pretty high expectations for it and was quite disappointed when I actually got to see it. The only good thing that the movie had going for it was the film score and the cinematography. But if you look at the story line the movie is extremely one-dimensional. There is no real plot and almost no character development, literally. So, there’s not much substance to all these high praises that this movie managed to accumulate. It seems.

But just to be perfectly clear about it; this movie felt like feminist propaganda. And when I’m saying feminist I’m not referring to the textbook definition of feminism but rather the now established cult of man-hating individuals. As an egalitarian I can totally get behind the “third wave of feminism”, which has very little in common with today’s feminism. But I digress. The reason why I believe this to be the aforementioned type of propaganda is pretty simple to deduce; the protagonist is female, morally superior and virtually invincible (at no point during the movie was the life of the protagonist in any real danger*). Meanwhile all the men are portrayed as “horny”, dumb, “needlessly” violent, expendable, and anything but virtuous. With the sole exception of the other protagonist (aka the “crashed pilot”) who I’d dare to call a “token man” because of what fate awaits him during the end segment of the movie. I don’t know about you but I call this very bad story telling. Ideally one should try to make every character just a little bit flawed (even the protagonist), otherwise the whole story just feels like literal propaganda. The writers intent clearly bleeds into the script in this particular case. One would have to be blind to not see that.

*just to elaborate on the point that I made earlier: the protagonist was never in any situation that one could describe as “dangerous”. She was clearly overpowered, and just to take the point home; the movie literally starts out with a scene from the end segment of another movie “Batman Vs Superman”, which literally tells us that no matter what happens in this movie, at the end she’ll make it out alive with a memento of a war (the photo). So that scene right there pretty much summarizes half of the movie, no pun intended.

To conclude: I feel really saddened. Not by the fact that the movie was rather mediocre but by the fact that most people don’t even realize it. That’s the real tragedy.

Final Verdict: You can watch it but it’s not nearly as good as the critics make it out to be


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