Storymate Review Demo — How To Skyrocket Your Earnings 3X

I’m so proud to have the honor of reviewing Luke’s newest marketing tool for social media, the powerful StoryMate! As a director of Marketing Mania, I had high hopes from StoryMate, as Luke had been working on this for quite some time, and to be frank, it did NOT disappoint. Before we learn how to use StoryMate to your advantage, let’s discuss the tool itself first.

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Created by Luke Maguire

Front End One-Time-Only Price: $47

Sales Page:

Niche: Social Media (Instagram and Facebook)

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Value for Price [Includes $1997 worth of bonuses] — ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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How often are you on social media?

Like…ALL the time, right?

And, whether they admit it or not, so is everyone else.

Nowadays, most people are spending their time on STORIES.

Stories are showing up at the TOP of Facebook and Instagram and growing 15x FASTER than posting on the actual news feed.

300 Million+ Users are interacting with Facebook and Instagram Stories!

So, now we know that Stories are where all the eyeballs are at…

But, creating effective Stories on Facebook and Instagram can be a time-consuming pain-in-the-rear, right?

Well, not anymore…

There’s no need to spend hours figuring out how to film & edit videos on video editing suites that cost thousands, wasting time, money and energy…

Storymate is the NEW Solution.

What is Storymate?

It’s the Newest Way to generate & post Viral Facebook & Instagram Stories in 5 Minutes without needing to know how to use ANY Video Animation Tools. Create Beautiful, High Converting Stories in Seconds with templates created for Stories with ‘swipe up’ call to actions, animated videos, editable text, you will instantly be ahead of the competition.

How does Storymate work?

  1. Select a Template — Select a template out of 25 highly converting video designs made specifically for Facebook and Instagram stories.

2. Customise Your Content — Everything inside your template is customisable so choose your images (upload your own or select from our library), add/edit your text, select your background music & click Render.

3. Post & Convert — Once you have your story ready, simply 1-click sync to the Storymate Facebook-Approved Android & iPhone apps to post right away to your Facebook and Instagram Stories.

Sounds easy, right?

It is!

There are a lot of reasons you want to check out Storymate:

  • Increase your conversions instantly through Insta-stories — Storymate will create stories from a variety of templates to give you an extremely professional end result & allow you to post them instantly to Instagram and Facebook
  • Users don’t have to worry about being on camera — Many people HATE being on camera & with Storymate gives them the option for users to upload any content they wish or use royalty free content to create high converting stories.
  • Create niche specific content — There are templates that are perfect for Ecom stores, local businesses, personal profiles, and affiliate offers.
  • Build Your Email List Easily — Storymate allows you to create brand specific call to actions to build your email list from your Facebook & Instagram followers.
  • Built-in Call to Action — Send users direct to your website on a mass scale that is higher than news feed posts. Pre-made call to action builders like ‘swipe up’, ‘opt in here’ allow you to not only create high quality stories, but also provide a call to action that equals money in the bank.
  • Do it All from Your Desktop — It’s much easier to create from your desktop, and yet easily post to Instagram and Facebook.

Using Storymate is simple and fun. Check it out:

All in all, Storymate is easy to use and it’s exciting to think of all the possibilities for this product. Not only can you create impressive, pro-quality stories for your own sites; you can create stories for other local businesses and create a whole other revenue for yourself! (Yep, Agency Rights are included in the Lauch Special Pricing!)

Become an early adopter of this new technology that everyone is going to want. Get Storymate with zero risk (14-Day Money Back Guarantee). But, you’ll be amazed at what it can do…and how east it is to make it work for you.

30-Day Refund Policy Applies!

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So what are you waiting for?

P.S Feel free to email me at if you have any queries regarding Marketing Mania’s bonuses and if you need any guidance related to them!