5 Tips to help you design your home furniture

Kitchen Lighting

It’s not just about your kitchen being well lit, its also about the working spacing being well lit. Make sure overhead cabinets don’t cast shadows on your workspace on the counter-top. If they do, you should consider getting light fixtures installed under the overhead cabinet to specifically light up your workspace.

Recommended ergonomic storage levels for storage items

In general, frequently-used items should be stored in easy-to-reach pull-outs near work areas as well as on the first level above the worktop. Items used less frequently often can be stored above and below this area. Infrequently-used items end up on the top level of cabinets and at the bottom level of base cabinets.

This also saves time during daily kitchen work. The use of shelves in base cabinets is poor ergonomics; it makes it very difficult for you to find items since you don’t have an overview of the entire contents. Quite often you will find that you have to bend or stretch to locate items you are looking for. It is not uncommon to find yourself having to remove some of the contents at the front in order to get the items in the back.

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Prevent Damage By Water

PVC skirting is a new trend wherein the modular kitchen does not rest on a wooden plank but has PVC skirting. As a result the wood does not touch the ground, hence no chances of any damage caused by water, mop etc.

Remember, getting your kitchen set up is just the beginning. Keeping it organized makes for greater efficiency and also maintains that glorious sparkle that had you gloating over it in the early days! We will be mailing you articles on how to keep up with your kitchen once every few months after its done!

Removable Shelves

You are likely to live in your home for a period of time long enough that your needs for the space change. When you have designed a cabinet or area for one purpose but decide to use it differently down the line, adjustable shelving allows for that kind of change more easily than a fixed shelving solution would. Shelving that can be moved is ideal for homes where children live. Having the ability to move shelves to different heights allow you to make your organized area grow with your child, and their interests as they mature.

TV Unit Planning

A TV stand is an excellent start to your media center, but the movie buffs out there will realize that just a stand won’t cut it. Instead, why not invest in our media center storage? Keep your impressive movie collection housed on adjustable shelving. Whether you put it on display or keep it behind closed doors is up to you. Many people also keep their music systems around their TV, so if you are planning to own one soon you can do your planning accordingly.

Brought to you by www.honestcollars.com — Get interior projects done by highly recommended professionals