When The Universe Gives You A Cat

You can write about that.

Shannon Ashley
May 16 · 3 min read

Yesterday turned out to be a good day for me to write less. I think. For one thing, I woke up with a pretty bad headache and that never bodes well for putting out my best work.

And for another thing, I was feeling too guilty about a stray cat coming around every time I checked the mail or took out the trash. The first few days, it was a little comical. I'd hear her collar jingle jangle after dark before I saw her coming.

After a while, I'd have cat food ready because I knew she'd be coming. And soon after I jotted down the number from her rabies vaccine collar, her rabies tag went missing.

No more jingle jangle.

I’m a cat person, but I had a lot of qualms about taking in a cat. I once had a great cat that routinely peed outside of his litter box and it was a behavioral issue we never were able to resolve.

And you know, I'm not exactly good at this life stuff. I wasn't sure that I really needed any more on my plate. Well, I'm pretty sure I don't. Single mama, full-time writer feels like more than enough most days.

Even so, the universe seemed pretty damned determined to give me this cat.

So, yesterday, on what seemed like a terrible day to write or make any sort of big decisions, I finally did choose to give the cat a home.

The first thing I had to do was get cat supplies. More food, a litter box, and cat shampoo. Things like that. I'd already set a budget for the month and the cat surely ate up the rest of my budgeted money for May, but we can spend next to nothing for 2 weeks, right?

We've done that before.

Of course, the universe also has a sense of humor. As soon as I placed the order for cat supplies to be delivered (in a couple of hours) and went outside to take out trash? I had not one but two cats follow me back to my door.

The bonus cat wound up leaving, and the original cat in question stayed nearby. But wouldn't you know, once the cat supplies arrived and I took our stray inside, it became apparent that keeping her inside was going to be a challenge.

Thanks, universe.

You gave me a cat who didn't seem to want to leave my side when I didn't have a litter box. And now that I'm prepared, she just wants to come and go whenever she pleases.

However, since I gave her a hard as hell cat bath upon taking her in, I'm really not interested in letting her roll all over the pavement again.

Luckily, I've got a screened-in porch and she's already made herself at home there. But she's also perfectly comfortable in the cat bed I got for her. Or the couch.

I think that she'll get used to having a home again. She's used the litter box twice so far (big win right there) and I'm pretty sure there are a few life lessons in this entire experience.

Like the fact that we can't control every little thing. Or the fact that we've got to take the good with the bad.

Yes, a cat is more responsibility for me. And I wasn't positive that I really wanted to take that on.

But sometimes, when the universe keeps offering you a cat, you say yes.

Yes to more responsibility. Yes to more love.

It's okay to say yes, you know?

Maybe the universe is offering you a cat, except you know, not a cat. Maybe the universe is asking you to say yes about something.

What will you do?

Honestly Yours

Here's the landing pad for my new and self-published stories without another home.

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Honestly Yours

Here's the landing pad for my new and self-published stories without another home.