Honey Daiquiri

Sisters are like VD, easy to get, and really annoying when you just want to take a pee in peace…

by Nicole Brown

Daiquiri’s Dearest

To say I’m in love with Honey would be an understatement. For as long as I can remember she’s been the embodiment of perfection to me. Strong, loyal, beautiful, lethal — everything you could ever ask of a big sister (or assassin). So for a long time during my pre-teen years I… tried to climb into her skin.

When she was good…’ by Abi Booth / is licensed by CC by 2.0.

But totally not in a creepy way…


‘Daiquiri, stop crying and tell me what’s wrong?’ My mum said from bed as I cried beside her helplessly.

‘Honey’s mad at me again, and all I wanted to do was play and she was mean to me, and then she yelled at me and told me to get out and every time I try to go back into the room she keeps telling me to get out and she’s being mean!’ I whined as my mum sighed passing me a tissue from the bedside table.

‘Why? What happened?’


‘Ok well tell me anyway.’ I wiped my eyes sniffing as I pushed my lips out sadly.

‘I was playing with my Bratz, and I wanted Honey to play too but she told me no. So I asked why, and then she got mad and told me to go play by myself. Then I got upset and asked her what was wrong — ‘cause she looked really sad again — but she kept telling me to leave her alone even when I kept asking, then she called me annoying so I tried to pass her the Brat but I accidently pushed it into her arm hard, and she said ‘ow’ and shoved me off the bed and I hurt myself — look see? — And so I started crying and she told me to get out and to stop being a brat. But I didn’t leave ‘cause it really hurt to move, and she got mad and pushed me out, then she slammed the door and I started banging on it screaming and she yelled at me and told me to go downstairs — but I was only banging on the door ‘cause I wanted to apologise and ask her what was wrong but she didn’t listen to me even though I was screaming!’ I broke off into a loud whine as my mother patted me on the head sighing. ‘I only ever want to play with her and she always tells me no, and no matter what I do she doesn’t like me and it’s not fair!’

‘It’s not that she doesn’t like you Daiquiri, it’s just that you’re different ages so it’s difficult.’

‘It’s not fair though ‘cause I try so hard to be her friend, I always ask her what’s wrong and I’m always asking her to play, even when she’s doing her homework I’ll try and dance or sing to entertain her and she gets mad at me.’

‘Daiquiri-bubby look at me?’ I turned to face my mum as she smiled back at me pitifully. ‘All sisters fight, Aunty and I used to fight all the time, it’s not easy being the youngest.’


‘I promise you, one day Honey will be able to appreciate you as her little sister, but right now you should probably leave her alone.’

‘But what if she doesn’t talk to me again?’

‘That’s why you’ve got me, younger sisters have to stick together, yes?’ I slowly smiled a nod as she stroked my hair back. ‘I’ll tell your father to talk to Honey, in the meantime go and play by yourself ok?’

‘Ok mummy.’ I climbed up to hug her.

-5 minutes later-

I pushed open the door and crept inside as Honey looked up from the bed annoyed, covering her diary. I raised my chin walking over to my Bratz as she crossed her arms leaning back.

‘What are you doing?’

‘I’m going downstairs to play with my Bratz alone until you learn how to appreciate me.’

‘Spell it.’ I frowned glaring up at her as she held my gaze blankly and I swooped up my dolls walking over to the door.

‘Don’t want to.’ I said righteously as I shut the door behind me.


It’s not that I ever tried to be annoying, I just wanted to know what it was that happened everyday to make my sister come home sad…or angry…or crying. I guess I was just too young to understand that being a teenager, really really sucked. So when two weeks later, Honey came home really happy, my little sister senses started tingling.

There were games afoot.

Jeremy Brett as Sherlock Holmes’ by Scott Monty / is licensed by CC by 2.0.


‘Honey who’s Whitaker?’ I asked from the futon as Honey’s gaze darted to mine from her bed.

‘So what, are we friends now?’ I pushed my lips out into a frown and shrugged.

‘I don’t know…are we?’

‘Have you apologised to me?’


‘Really?’ I paused frowning pushing my lips out further as I looked down shrugging again.

‘No. But I tried to but you kept kicking me out!’

‘You were screaming.’

‘Because you were being mean!’

‘Because you were annoying.’

‘Because you wouldn’t play with me!’

‘I don’t always have to play with you Daiquiri!’ I frowned as tears started to fill in my eyes and she relaxed her shoulders staring back at me unflinchingly. ‘Are you going to cry and run and tell dad now?’


‘Good, ‘cause it was your fault.’ I sniffed, refusing to wipe my eyes as I stroked Baby Blue-Eyes, my black and white stripped tiger bear. ‘You still haven’t said sorry.’ I let my bottom lip slip out while I frowned looking up at her.



‘I’m sorry!’ I said louder, as Honey raised her eyebrow and I shifted around uncomfortably. ‘I’m sorry Honey.’

‘For what?’

‘For being annoying.’

‘Good.’ She turned back to her notebook drawing a picture I couldn’t see as I bit my lip awkwardly watching her.

‘You didn’t say who Whitaker was?’

‘You shouldn’t know who Whitaker is.’

‘I overheard you and daddy talking in the kitchen by accident.’

‘Oh you accidently eavesdropped on me again?’

‘What’s eavesdropped?’

‘Look it up.’


‘Use a dictionary.’

‘Will you teach me how to use a-’

‘It means to spy on someone’s conversation Daiquiri.’

‘I wasn’t spying!’

‘Mhm.’ She said with a hint of Caribbean in her tone while I tried to frown through my cheeky smile.

‘It was an accident.’ I said avoiding her eye contact while she rolled her eyes continuing on her drawing, her expression slightly lighter. ‘Honey who’s Whitaker? -’

‘Oh my gosh Daiquiri-’

‘Well you won’t tell me!’

‘Why do you care?’

‘Because you and daddy were talking and I-’

‘Oh my gosh stop whining, he’s a boy from basketball ok? Geez,’ she said while I jumped up excitedly, leaning my elbows on the foot of her bed.

‘Honey do you like him!? Is he your boyfriend!?-’

‘Shh! Can you not shout please! Gosh, pick another decibel.’

‘Is it a secret?’ I whispered as she looked up at me shaking her head in disbelief.

‘If I tell you, you have to promise me something first, ok?’



‘Ok.’ I whispered as she took a breath leaning forward to face me levelly.

‘Now I’m gonna say this one time Daiquiri, Leave — Whitaker — Alone. Promise?’

‘I promise.’

‘That means no harassing him at basketball, promise?’

‘I promise.’

‘Good.’ She turned back to her drawing as I paused, furrowing my eyebrows confused.

‘Honey you didn’t say.’

‘Say what?’

‘If you liked him.’

‘I never said I would.’

‘Yes you did you said you’d tell me if I promised!’

‘I said ‘if’ I tell you, meaning I’ve not decided when, if I had I would’ve said ‘when’ you should have listened.’

‘Honeeyy!’ I whined but couldn’t help but giggle as she ignored me focusing back on her drawing with a light smile.

Frozen’ by Hina Ichigo / is licensed by CC by 2.0.


‘Hey, what are you doing here?’ I ask Bugsy as I take out my headphones, wrapping the wire around my phone while he glances at me from the corner of his eyes, playing the X-Box he went fifty-fifty with my dad for.

‘Sisters were annoying me, wanted to kill crap. Enter Ninja Gaiden,’ he says as Hayabusa flips through the air simultaneously slicing his enemies in half. I nod my approval.

‘Better NPC’s than humanity,’ I say taking off my biker boots and slumping down beside him.

‘I don’t like how you and Honey are always suggesting I’m a murderer.’

‘We don’t think you’re a murderer Bugs.’

‘Thank you.’

‘Yeah, you’re far too smart, you’re a good old fashion psychopath, like Jack The Ripper or Hannibal.’

‘I will take it,’ he says as one of Hayabusa’s enemies explode out into several clumps of flesh. I sigh. ‘What?’

‘Nothing just…crap day.’

‘More Katrina crap?’

‘Yeah. I think she’s started a cult against me with all the girls, but I can’t be sure.’

‘Well they hate you enough.’

‘Aw, really? You think they do?’

‘Of course.’

‘That’s sweet, it feels good to hear you say that.’

‘Yeah I bet it does.’ I sigh again as Bugsy’s phone vibrates and he pulls it out unlocking it. He smirks, shoving it back in his pocket as I nudge him with my foot and he cringes. ‘Urgh, hate feet.’

‘Who was that?’

‘Honey, sent me a funny list about Rat Face.’

‘Oh…’ He un-pauses the game as I look down instantly depressed.

‘Shut up.’


‘Not you, I’m talking to your misery it’s loud.’

‘What are you talking about?’

‘I don’t understand girls. If you want to talk to her just talk to her.’

‘I didn’t say anything!’

‘Do you really have to with me?’ I frown sinking further into the seat as he shakes his head. ‘Seriously Daks, I’ve known you guys for years and have had front row seats to your borderline homosexual relationship, I can tell you from now, you need her and you clearly miss her and not even I can replace her so just talk to her please. I’m so bored with dealing with sisters, I’ve been doing that all week.’

‘Again, I didn’t say anything.’

‘You don’t have to. I can hear it in your sighs, and you can try and blame Katrina for them but we both know it’s not all her fault why you’re sad. Talk to your sister, you need her.’

‘Yes I know I do. It would just be really nice if for once she actually needed me.’ I say crossing my arms upset while Bugsy continues to kill things on screen with his one true love.

Game on’ by Steve Petrucelli / is licensed by CC by 2.0.

… We’ve got to get this guy a girlfriend…


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