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Honey Token Distribution & Smart Contract — Stage 2

Dear Honey Community,

With the conclusion of Stage 1 Honeycomb, we will be initiating Stage 2 of Honeycomb later today at Block height #11066600, with an estimated start time at 19:00 (GMT+8).

Contracts associated with Stage 2 Honeycomb

  • 0xa0d395721F34C4F9EDFd0c192C6b676C1E4B8154

570 $HONEY are currently deployed within this address, for Worker Bees to farm for the next 2 weeks, across all 4 pools — HONEY:ETH (3x), YFI:ETH, UNI:ETH & COS:ETH.

  • 0x50Ef23fC4CEd2283127D10Fe698cd2F57b08f71E

Meanwhile, 3,400 $HONEY + 30 $HONEY is being locked up within this second address, which will only be utilized 2 weeks later, when Honey Jar activates, and Honeycomb is refreshed.

30 $HONEY accounts for the 5% dev fees that should have been minted in the abovementioned 0xa0d395721F34C4F9EDFd0c192C6b676C1E4B8154 contract but we have decided to lock it for a further 2 weeks.


Contract associated with Stage 3 of Honey.Finance

  • 0xb3fa0421308a7257fec72ca39e00af83ad990211

95,000 $HONEY is still being locked away and can only be accessed upon the maturity of the time-lock in an estimated 4 weeks time, to be utilized for Stage 3.



Security is important to us and we have reasonably tested that everything works. However, Honey contract is unaudited, so please read through the contract before putting your LP tokens at stake!

Everything is in BETA, please use at your own risk.

We will continue to do more testing and welcome open communications. If you think there’s an issue with any of our smart contracts, feel free to reach us via Discord.


To farm Honey, visit https://myhoney.finance/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/myHoneyFinance

Discord: https://discord.gg/uVFuK6x



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