A true Christmas gift

Unlike many people around the world, our Christmas Eve didn’t have any turkey, alcohol, or sweets.

Neither did we unwrap expensive gifts, or watched the news as we ate: it was all about our sole presence, our music, and our words. This year, our Christmas Eve was spent eating delicious tropical fruits, in a beautiful house where health and love seem to be the most important values.

As we arrived, we were received with smiles, hugs, and a warm bunch of faces gathering around an empty chair, a spotlight and an inviting microphone.

“Today we will have an open mic night. Each and every one of you is welcome to sit on this chair and share something — it can be a song, a poem, or whatever else you like. The point is the experience: to open up in front of this crowd” — were the words of our lovely host Joe.

There were maybe 20 of us there. Many of us had just met at the park that afternoon, and yet we were all invited to what felt like a true family gathering. Why?

Because we all had something in common: our passion for health, for openness, and for growth.

This year, we learned that Christmas — just like any other day — is about giving. Not presents, but ourselves.

By being vulnerable — by speaking our heart in front of a microphone, by not hiding behind drunkenness, by sharing our feelings — we give ourselves and others the best gift we could ever receive.

What is our purpose on this planet? What can we achieve before we die? What else is there if not being the best and most vibrant version of ourselves, and sharing it with others?

From now on, we want every Christmas to be like this. And the good news is that everyday can be Christmas, as long as we make that choice.