BIG NEWS: Announcing our merger with Group IMD

Honeycomb and Group IMD are uniting to revolutionise video advertising

We‘re thrilled to announce that Honeycomb and Group IMD are uniting to usher in a new chapter for video advertising. Together, we’ll be able to accelerate access to addressable and programmatic technology (AKA, the super smart tech you need to get your ads in front of the people you really want to reach).

“As a merged company we will be able to bring together IMD’s global reach and automated platform with Honeycomb’s programmatic vision and innovative tech. We’re on a mission to make advertising on TV (and all of its variants) more accessible, to make budgets work harder, and help broadcasters and publishers create new revenue streams in the face of increasingly sophisticated competition.” 
- James Carpenter, CEO, Honeycomb
“This isn’t about sticking with the status quo. By bringing these two companies together, we will have the game-changing technology, global reach and incredible team needed to transform the industry.” 
- Simon Cox, CEO, Group IMD
James Carpenter, CEO, Honeycomb and Simon Cox, CEO, Group IMD

So what will this mean for you? While we’ll continue to build the technology to help enable programmatic video advertising, we’ll also be working to bring you access to thousands more broadcasters around the world, better ad distribution and management, improved user experience and customer support. i.e., your ad deliveries are going to get even better.

It will be business as usual for the next few months. As always, our priority is making sure your campaigns run smoothly and — apart from a new camaraderie between us and Group IMD — you won’t notice anything change for a while.

Want to know more? Read the details in the press release, scroll down to the FAQs below, or feel free to get in touch.

*or mobile or tablet or watch or cinema screen or neural implant…


What is Group IMD?

Group IMD is a global technology business automating the workflow of video advertisements and data between advertising agencies, production companies, broadcasters and digital media. Working in more than 100 markets with over 35 local offices, Group IMD’s worldwide presence across Europe, Asia Pacific, Australasia, the Middle East and Latin America is changing the way advertising works. Founded in 1996, Group IMD has grown continuously to provide the world’s most extensive, fully automated, cloud native, broadcast grade, video advertising platform: IMD Cloud. It also owns and operates the UK TV industry’s automated booking and creative exposure management platform CARIA®.

Why are the two companies merging?

We are merging to bring together Group IMD’s international infrastructure and automated platform with Honeycomb’s programmatic vision and innovative technology. Together, we’ll build the tools that brands, agencies and broadcasters need to take advantage of targeted advertising and broadcasters need to compete with online publishers like Google and Facebook.

What does programmatic advertising mean to us — and why is it important in our future?

Programmatic advertising is the automation of the buying, placement and optimisation of advertising media where the delivery is to a specific audience, based on social, demographic, contextual or behavioral data. Online, publishers like Facebook and Google already use programmatic technology to offer advertisers advanced audience targeting and improved overall ad relevance. They have struggled to deliver on the early promise of advertising technology, but it is clear that in the future, programmatic tech will offer the same advantages on linear TV and VoD, enabling advertisers to identify potential consumers and serve them relevant ads, so they can compete with online Video publishers.

This revolution could double TV ad spend in value from $50 billion to $100 billion in the US alone by 2030, according to predictions made by Credit Suisse.

In the UK, Sky TV has launched AdSmart as the first step into the programmatic TV future and Honeycomb built some smart tech to enable the automation of some back-end process before ads are being served. ITV has recently announced their Smart TV project with the US based company Sorenson Media.

In Germany a different standard HBB.TV2 has been agreed which is similar to ITV’s approach based on a Smart TV solution.

What happens now?

Right now, it’s business as usual. Our first priority is to make sure clients’ campaigns run smoothly. You won’t see any immediate changes in the platforms or services; over time we’ll be improving them by bringing together the best of both companies’ technology, service and people.