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The revolutionary advertising delivery platform makes a Beeline for TV admin support dream-team

Honeycomb is today announcing the launch of its TV admin department Beeline, taking ads from ‘A to Bee’.

Set up by James Carpenter and Richard Carter, Honeycomb has been developed to make the video advertising delivery process simple and intuitive — taking assets from advertiser to broadcaster and publisher in a faster and more efficient way.

The Beeline team is made up of Natalie Akers, Lorna Harrison, and Hayley Mills, all formerly of Traffic Bureau. A seriously experienced TV admin support team for agencies, production companies and advertisers, they are offering tailored assistance with anything from clearance to contracts, briefing to broadcast.

Hayley Mills, Head of Broadcast Affairs at Beeline, explains: “Between Natalie, Lorna and I, we have experience of all elements of the crazy world of telly admin. From the usual to the unusual; we’ve sourced puppeteers in Singapore, refined innumerable ads to pass the clearance bodies worldwide, and helped sort contracts for acting dogs and temperamental footballers. There really is no job too big and no query too small. We exist to fix problems with tailor-made solutions.”

Having worked together in TV admin for nearly 10 years before they started Beeline, Natalie, Lorna and Hayley have the combined experience of over four decades of solving problems in the world of TV advertising, making them fearless in the face of TV admin challenges.

Honeycomb Founder James Carpenter comments: “It’s a pleasure to announce the addition of the Beeline team to Honeycomb; they truly set the benchmark for the customer experience. Having known them for over a decade I have seen their unquestionable knowledge in TV admin, and their powerful ability to address customer needs should not be underestimated. Natalie, Hayley and Lorna are the best in the business. There is no-one out there with more experience and we’re thrilled to have them on board.”

Beeline offers total flexibility in meeting their customers’ unique needs, and can work on a job-by-job basis, offer holiday or sick cover, or even work on a monthly retainer.

Mills comments: “I’ve been in the TV admin business for over 12 years so I understand the challenges our clients face on a daily basis. Together, Nat and Lorna and I have experience in all aspects of telly admin and now we’re able to combine our specialities while staying super focussed; with Beeline we offer our clients a tailored, efficient and super friendly service.

“Honeycomb’s mission is exactly the same as ours: to make clients’ lives easier by giving them better solutions. They’ve actually built their platform from the users’ point of view, so their system really does make things simpler for clients. Much of the work in telly admin is building the connections between lots of moving parts, and working with Honeycomb means we can make even more of those connections happen.”

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