Product update 7: New year. New features!

Happy new year! Our last few months were very productive, and our only new year’s resolution is to keep making your life easier. Here’s a roundup of the key features, changes and improvements we’ve released recently. Much more coming soon in 2017.

Destination: simplicity

Our fast and easy to use destination-picking tool was already a hit with our users. But, as they say, if it ain’t broke, consult your customers and find ways to make it even better.

One issue that emerged was that since we added sponsorships and infomercial support, the destination list was getting too long. So…

  • In the UK and ROI, the destination list is now filtered by ‘type’ (Advertisement, Sponsorship and Infomercial): you now only see destinations that should receive the appropriate types of media.
  • The destinations and channels search engine has radically improved: you’ll now find what you are looking for much more easily

The proof is in the PDFing

Ever need a Proof of Delivery document to send onto clients or for your own records? You can now download PDFs from Honeycomb’s order pages and you will find them attached to the ‘Order Complete’ emails that are sent to the order creators.

Now delivering to Switzerland and Ireland (with France coming soon)

As you may know, we launched our Swiss video deliveries back in November. We’ve been delivering to Ireland for a while — we’re now fully operational and delivering throughout.

We also announced our forthcoming support of deliveries to France at the French Effie Awards — more coming soon.

One for the Little Black Book

We’ve just announced our forthcoming integration with LBB, making it easier than ever for you to showcase your ads. Take a look: Little Black Book and Honeycomb Announce Streamlined Partnership


Bonjour (and Guten Morgen)! Honeycomb is now available fully in French, and while the marketing website is already available in German, the main application is also almost ready to go live auf Deutsch.

Bits and pieces…

  • If you are using our Content Syndication features you should have noticed quite a few improvements aimed at avoiding duplicate requests
  • Lots of other fixes and updates behind the scenes to make the system work better for you

Wait! There’s more!

24/7 Support

Christmas and the run up to it was crackers as usual, and our Support team was awesome (shout out to those who got in touch on Christmas day. Hope you got a load of presents). Need anything? Got any questions? Contact the team on or call us on +44 (0) 330 043 5393.

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