Viacom temporary closure

Product Announcement

Viacom are making some big changes this weekend and will be closed from 5pm Friday 13th January to Tuesday 17th January.

What does this mean for you? All advertising and informercials need to be with them as soon as possible as there is the potential for missed airtime. Any media sent to Honeycomb on Friday will be processed as usual but will only be delivered on Tuesday 17th January (at Viacom’s request). Media delivered before then will be sent but Viacom are not committing to it getting to air.

We are here for you and ready to help in any way we can! Contact our support team on +44 (0) 330 043 5393 or if you have any questions or problems.

Viacom is part of Sky Media in the UK, and includes the following channels: BET International, Comedy Central, Comedy Channel Extra Ireland, Comedy Channel Extra UK, Comedy Channel Ireland, Comedy Channel UK, MTV Base, MTV Classic, MTV Dance, MTV Hits, MTV Live HD, MTV Music, MTV Rocks, Nickelodeon Ireland, Nickelodeon JNR 2 Ireland, Nickelodeon JNR 2 UK, Nickelodeon JNR Ireland, Nickelodeon JNR UK, Nickelodeon Toons Ireland, Nickelodeon Toons UK, Nickelodeon UK, VH1.

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