Ask your photographer to capture moments as they naturally unfold

We interviewed photographer, Hannah Breidinger, of Hearts & Color Co.

What are some of your favorite moments that you get to witness on a couple’s big day?

Hands down, the first look is my favorite part of a wedding day. It’s become more and more common these days because its a lovely, private moment that you can share with your honey pre-ceremony. Photos from these moments are so intimate and vulnerable.

What advice would you give to couples who are looking for a photographer?

When you’re on the search, look for a photographer with a large and consistent portfolio. This can mean posting often on their social media outlets or updating the blog on their website with recent weddings. Find a photographer who you vibe with as a person, too! This is someone you are going to spend all of your wedding day with, so you want to be on the same page as them. Every photographer is different, so just make sure to meet in person or hop on a video call to have some face-to-face time!

If you’re not sure where to start when looking for a photographer, try searching hashtags on Instagram or looking at Pinterest. If you have friends getting married, take note of their photographer. Plus, nothing is better than having a friend you trust refer you to a photographer they know and love!

Most unique venues you’ve shot at. Go!

I think the most unique location I’ve ever shot a wedding was in a centuries old lagering tunnel beneath downtown Cincinnati. It was an intimate candlelit ceremony and one of the coolest wedding experiences I’ve documented. The space hadn’t been used for many years, so the couple had to have a staircase built in order to even reach the ceremony spot. It was amazing!

What would you say the most underrated part of a wedding is to capture?

To me, the reception is the most underrated part of a wedding day and the reason why I love capturing it so much. At this point in a wedding day, people are truly themselves and enjoying the company of everyone around them. This is when I find the real moments happen — whether it’s a heartfelt conversation happening at the grandparents’ table, kiddos breaking it down on the dance floor to The Spice Girls, or catching the newly married couple stealing kisses from each other, I absolutely love hanging out a wedding receptions and seeking out these moments.

What was the moment(s) you decided you wanted to do photography professionally? What drew you to engagements & weddings?

Honestly, I can’t recall a defining moment when I decided to pursue photography as my passion. In retrospect, it feels like years and years of life perfectly falling into place that brought me to where I am today. I studied Photography in college, but originally started as a Pre-medicine major. I never had plans of starting a business, but after graduating taking photographs slowly became part of my every day more and more. When friends started asking me to take photos for their engagement or weddings, I went for it.

Weddings are especially exhilarating because there are so many fleeting and candid moments happening throughout the day. I love being in the right place at the right time to capture moments as they naturally unfold. It feels like I’m catching magic in a bottle for my couples to look back on and it’s amazingly gratifying work.

How would you describe your photography style?

My style is everything but traditional! I’ve always seen the world with a creative and artistic eye and that’s really what has shaped the aesthetic of my photography — especially how I shoot and utilize natural light. My goal, always, is to capture moments in time as they unfold. Think honest, romantic, moody and simple.

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