Why It Is Sexy to Talk About Money with Your Partner

Whenever I’m in a committed relationship, I like to discuss everything with my partner. Of course, things like politics and finances might be off-limits for the first date, but once it’s an actual relationship, these things are vital topics. And while many think that talking to their partner about money should be avoided until much later, it can actually get things started off just right.

Talking Increases Understanding

Discussing finances quickly helps a person understand their partner. Laying the groundwork doesn’t even require big-spending discussions. Just a few months into my relationship, I simply asked if going out for dinner worked within our budget.

This seemingly trivial conversation let me know how my partner viewed the “small stuff.” Over time, I moved these conversations to topics like savings, big purchases and even retirement. It’s a slow buildup, but it eventually helped my partner and I understand each other.

It Helps to Build Trust in Relationships

Everyone learns that understanding someone doesn’t necessarily equate to trust. By discussing finances, though, it’s possible to build that trust. Far too many people fail to realize how important finances are to trust.

Back in 2011, for instance, 40 percent of Americans said honesty about finances was more important than honesty about fidelity. While this seems strange to most of us, it just goes to show how important finances are. Honesty about money builds the trust we all crave.

Saving the Relationship

People break up and divorce for many reasons. A recent study, in fact, found that financial disagreements are especially detrimental. Compared to other common marital disagreements, financial issues more often predict divorce.

That’s why anyone in a relationship should strive to be honest and understanding when it comes to financial issues. If there’s real love in a relationship, it seems almost nonsensical to let it fade over a desire to not discuss finances.

It Just Makes Us Happy

While the opportunity for disagreements may make financial discussions a scary endeavor, science has shown us that discussing money actually makes couples happier. A recent study found that all age groups were happier in their relationships when they talked about money together.

In fact, couples who had weekly discussions were much happier than those who discussed it every few months. Younger generations seem better at talking about money with their significant others, but any couple who makes the time will likely have happier days ahead.

Some people still say that money makes the world go round, but if we’re being completely honest, it’s love that does that. That’s why it’s important not to let money come between love. Not only is it sexy to discuss money with your partner, but it helps keep the world moving too.

Agnes, Community Manager @ HoneyDue