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Enter My Loop Giveaway for a Chance to Win This Tricked Out Ant Farm

Image via: Uncle Milton

You GUYS! I’m so excited to finally be able to tell you about the ‘secret project’ I’ve been aggressively hinting about on stories for the last 17 months. I got together with a bunch of my thirstiest friends and a random assortment of D list celebrities to give away this incredible, tricked-out ant farm!!!!!

I KNOW, right? It’s like Peloton, who?? Lol.

A little bit about the gorgeous ant farm we’re giving away: This MTV Cribs-worthy ant farm is everything you love about an ant farm: sand, plastic, and ants!!! Coming in at a badass 6" x 8–1/2" x 3/8" with a base and two parallel sheets of clear plastic, you can watch your new pets build tunnels, runways, and honestly, their destiny. Cuz we’re cuties, we’re throwing in an instruction booklet for how to care, feed, and water your ant bbys and their compound eyes, elbowed antennae, and powerful jaws! You could be a mother and a farmer, bitch!! You’re WELCOME.

The rules are simple:

  • Go follow everyone on my instagram story post. (Hell yes, that’s Lea Thompson from the hit 1995 sitcom, Caroline in the City!!! Girl loves ants!)
  • Once you’ve done that, there’s one final step that is purely arbitrary but I’ve seen other people do it and I hear it drives up engagement in my stats: Swipe this little poll bar all the way to the right so I know you’re IN and craving being an ant farmer!!!! (Who ISN’T!!?)
Image via: Lyndsay Rush

Remember, I do all of this for YOU and also because I was promised about 20,000 new followers when this is all said and done. The giveaway ends Friday at midnight PST, so get following so you can make like Old MacDonald but with a farm of just insects. Oh and NO I don’t plan on ever really publicly announcing the winner! XOXOXOOX




lol it’s satire, honey! by Lyndsay Rush & Liz Fitzgerald

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