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Taglines for Arby’s New ‘Curly Fry Vodka’

If someone was gonna do it, it may as well be meat, err, me.

Image c/o Arby’s
  1. These fries will get you sauced.
  2. You say potato, we say curly fry vodka.
  3. Finger liquor good!
  4. Taters over Tito’s.
  5. Let’s get intoxi-tatered
  6. You love our meats, now try us neat.
  7. These curls will give you the spins!
  8. Makes a great Spud-y Mary.
  9. Because Beefeater said no to our Roast Beefeater Gin idea.
  10. When it comes to booze, the fry’s the limit.
  11. Curls just wanna have fun.
  12. Arbys: We HAVE the mead.
  13. Barfly? More like BarFRY!
  14. We bottled the taste of eating alone in your car.
  15. You gotta tipsy it to believe it.
  16. You’re not seeing double, that’s just the shape of our curly fries.
  17. Curly or late, this vodka tastes great.
  18. The legal way to drink & drive-thru.
  19. Make your taste spuds scream!
  20. Vodka that tastes like fries? That’s the spirit!
  21. Fries: Why eat ’em when you can drink ‘em?
  22. You haven’t tried it ’til you’ve fried it!
  23. You don’t dip these curly fries in sauce, they dip you.
  24. Vodka asked us if we’d like fries with that and we said UM YEAH!!!!
  25. Made exclusively by our mascot, the Oven Mitt.
  26. Pull up to the second…party!
  27. We’re in fry spirits.
  28. It’s not alcohol, it’s alCURLhol!
  29. You know we’ve got the meats but did you know we also have the booozes?
  30. Liquor before beer and you’re in the clear, vodka without the curly and you’re sure to hurl-y.
  31. Because you’re worth it.




lol it’s satire, honey! by Lyndsay Rush & Liz Fitzgerald

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