Aim at having more than 2 Startup Weekend a year in your city!

Until 2014, we only ever had two Startup Weekend a year in Hong Kong. With a team of five organizers, we were doing our best to gather the tech community.
I used to say that we were organizing a Startup Weekend every six months because: “It was taking two months to rest after wrapping up one. Two months to forget how difficult it had been to organize it. Finally, two more months to start all over again”.

In 2015, following a new idea, we hosted 6 Startup Weekend editions within a year, changing our movement for the better! Fast forward to this year: we will have over fifteen events, and we’ve observed a fantastic impact on the ecosystem.
To be so active in Hong Kong, we rely on the efforts of over 60 Community Leaders. Volunteers who spend their free time supporting the next generation of entrepreneurs.

If “it takes a village to raise a child,” it requires an active community to nurture entrepreneurs.

With more opportunities to host Startup Weekend events, we explored new themes:
- Zero Waste
- FashionTech
- FinTech
- Travel Tech
- AI
- among many others.
Also, reached out to new groups of people:
- Silver Economy
- Women in Tech
- Corporate Innovation
- University
- High School
- hence doing our best to leave nobody behind.

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There is a strong sense that we’re part of something bigger than ourselves with a lasting impact on people. Alumni often reach back to share their entrepreneurial success or to lend a helping hand.
With such a density of event, we ensure the continuity of our presence and get to build a robust snowball effect. 
Each edition becomes a little simpler to organize. We get to stand on the shoulders of successful events that happened earlier, not so long ago.

As we grow, we discover new challenges that increase in complexity. It used to be about finding new volunteers to host the next edition. We are now wondering how to help organizers achieve their personal goals within Startup Weekend. Overall though, our support system and values help us overcome anything, thanks to the group of inspiring Community Leaders we work with.