The 3 things that helped my productivity — a lot!

Over the past two years, I have worked hard to increase my productivity. I figured out that to follow our growth in the region; I’d have to step up my game. Early on, I started reading books and online blogs, looking for tips and tricks. I read through methodologies and implemented several of them. The goal was finding “something” that could stick on a day to day basis.

The following three strategies are helping me get more done:

Todoist as my memory's best friend

What can I do today without Todoist? Pretty much nothing. Discovered with Getting Things Done, I dropped everything else and started using it. It is now my memory: the tracking system for every single project or task at hands. Some will find this dangerous, but I find it liberating. No more wondering what I should be working on or making sure I don’t forget something. It is all in one place, accessible anywhere I need it!

Finding what I should do, and when

It took a lot of time to figure this one out, but I had to accept reality eventually! There are different moments in my day during which I should conduct various tasks. For example, I’m better at brainstorming in the evening and closing tasks or emails in the morning. Typically, I often have post-lunch crashes that might take an hour or so — to keep my productivity high I’d set up calls or meetings. The human interactions will keep my energy high, and I get things done.

Following a routine, adding new items for the long game

As I wrote earlier, I’m a big fan of routines and habits. I found that to improve on something in the long term; I need to add this item at a particular time during my routine. For example, I recently tried to be better at nurturing my network. Instead of rushing through my invitations on LinkedIn, I add a task to reply and follow up with a small group once a day. Within three months keeping myself in check (using Todoist obviously!), I know that I’ll be a natural with this routine.

Do you have suggestions? What are your best strategies to improve your productivity in the long run? Please share in the comments section.

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