Why Startup Weekend organizers are the best people to work with

It takes three months to organize a Startup Weekend (Shanghai, FoodTech)

Most organizations struggle to find exceptional and talented individuals. The ones who will bring value to the group, refuse to play politics, and take the lead on critical projects. Working with hundreds of volunteers (aka Community Leaders) in Greater China, we’re in a unique position to better understand people’s motivation and identify those who deliver.

Hosting a Startup Weekend edition in a city in Greater China is a challenge that not many want to be a part of. It is both simple and hard at the same time. Simple because, broken down into pieces, Startup Weekend is all about finding the right venue, bringing people, sourcing F&B, and sharing content — and that doesn’t sound like an overwhelming set of tasks. On the other hand, organizers are volunteers, and as such, have hundreds of other things going on in their lives. Prioritizing an event they committed to support, then delivering despite the many roadblocks (finding sponsors, selling tickets, convincing mentors & judges) is quite a test on personalities.

Startup Weekend Hong Kong #11

The added challenge is the fact that organizing a Startup Weekend becomes complicated as the event gets closer, and not the other way around. Therefore, Community Leaders need to step up their game as the event progress and prove that they don’t drop the ball when things get harder.

People who can get the Startup Weekend off the ground from an idea until completion are therefore an interesting bunch. Unsurprisingly enough, beyond hosting an excellent Startup Weekend, they are people whom we can rely on. When organizations reach out to us looking for great people, I will therefore naturally point in the direction of our impressive group of organizers. They shine in group work, with exciting missions, and will solve challenges outside of a team’s typical comfort zone.

Matthieu Bodin is the Regional Manager for Techstars in Greater China. He shares his journey on Instagram and Twitter. Thank you for reading!