Preparation for the Introduction to R class

(Updated 20180713 for upcoming class)

For the upcoming class in Introduction to Machine Learning for Beginners on 21/7/2018, please follow the instruction to setup your own computer with the necessary software and packages detailed in this article before you attend the workshop.

This workshop is suitable for people without prior R programming experience and are interested in data analysis with R.

Registration is required via Eventbrite due to limited seats of the venue.

Preparation (Ahead of the class!)

Ahead of the class, please prepare the following:

  1. Install R and Rstudio
  2. Download the class materials
  3. Install the tidyverse and other packages in R

Please make sure you have done the above steps before joining the class on the day. There won’t be time for installation during the session.

(1) Install R and RStudio

If you have never used R before, you would need to install both R and RStudio.


Rstudio (the graphical interface):

(2) Download the Class Materials

Examples and Materials are available under:

We shall go through the materials for 20180721_class_material.R in the session on 21 July.

(3) Install the tidyverse and other packages dependencies

By typing under the console: install.packages(c(“tidyverse”, “modelr”, “lubridate”, “glmnet”, “plotly”, “e1071”, “rpart”, “class”)) and press “Enter”.


If you have any questions, you are welcome to raise it in our facebook group:

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