NuxtJS — A Server side rendering VueJS

If you have some trouble in setup routering and server side rendering, NuxtJS will help you to finish it easily. This is a framework base on VueJS, combined Vue2 + Vue-router + Vuex + Vue Server Render + Vue-meta + webpack + Express. You can setup a Vue.js framework in a short time.

Nuxt.js is a Vue.js official suggestion server side rendering framework. You can install it using vue-cli

$ npm install -g vue-cli

Use npm install vue-cli first

$ vue init nuxt-community/starter-template <project-name>

Use vue-cli to create a Project

$ cd <project-name> 
$ npm install

Install it in project folder

$ npm run dev

You can see it at http://localhost:3000 now!

Originally published at on February 6, 2017.

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